Xero CRM Integration for Dynamics 365 Sales

Effortlessly sync your financial data between Dynamics 365 and Xero with our seamless connector. By an established connections, invoices created in Dynamics 365 will be automatically do xero crm integrations.
Xero CRM Integration

Why Choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM?

  • Simplified configuration
  • Connect xero integration crm in seconds with our ready-to-use connector, eliminating complex setup hassles.

  • Streamlined Settings
  • Saves you processing time and improves the accuracy of your data by syncing your price list, tax rate and accounts.

  • Track Payment and Invoice
  • Track your payments efficiently by synchronising transactions from crm xero integration. sync the details to Xero to generate invoices automatically, saving time and ensuring prompt billing.

    Features of Xero  CRM Integration

    Dynamics 365 CRM Xero integration for Automatic syncing
    Effortlessly connect Dynamics and Xero with our ready-to-use connector, eliminating complex setup.
    Create accurate Orders
    Avoid manual entry, Populate Dynamics orders with precise product information from Xero.
    Improve collaboration and Process
    Eliminate data entry errors and accelerate the efficiency of your accounts and sales team.

    Cleared Doubts: FAQs

    Xero Integration for Dynamics 365 creates a smooth integration between your Dynamics 365 CRM and your Xero subscription. It links customer records in Dynamics 365 with financial information in Xero.

    If your invoices are generated in Dynamics 365 or Xero, they sync straight through to the other system. You can input invoices, payment details, credit notes, and contact information on your CRM system or Xero account without the need for duplication.

    When payments are allocated to invoices in Xero, the payment details are pulled back into Dynamics 365 so the system has a record of paid, partially paid, and unpaid invoices.

    Save Time: Information entered in either Dynamics 365 or Xero will be updated in both.

    Minimize Error: Eliminates the task of entering data twice, reducing the likelihood of errors.

    Up-to-date data: When invoices are created in either system, the data is automatically updated in both.

    Accessibility: Invoice and payment history is available in both Dynamics 365 and Xero.

    Automation: Workflow rules can automate processes, such as notification emails to customers when an invoice is overdue.


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