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QServices is one of the best options for start-up companies to hire hybrid app development purposes. Our offshore Hybrid developers have unique skills and knowledge to deliver the customized solution as per your requirement.  

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You get a detailed technical profile that delivers the developer’s inspection scores in each category. 

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Flexible Contracts

We recognize that things alter fast, so you’ll only require to provide a few days of notice to withdraw or modify an agreement at any time. 

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No-risk of the Trial Period 

Test a functional relationship with no risk factor involved and decide your developer is suitable or not.

Approaches Considered by us

We use lots of top-notch technical infrastructure of Hybrid developers in the confidential element to the project success.
Various Financial models to choose

Our primary aim is to be client-centric and serve Hybrid developers to the best according to your need. For this, we have multiple financial models for you to choose from as per your comfort. 

Approaches Considered by Us

We use lots of top-notch technical infrastructure of Hybrid developers in the confidential element to the project success. 

Valuable Staffing and Onboarding Approach: 

We follow the valuable staffing and onboarding methodology, which helps you team up with suitable Hybrid developers and a seamless onboarding function. 

Performance review and managing

Hire dedicated Hybrid developers for your project; apart from that, we undertake regular execution reviews to assure that our Hybrid developers accomplish to the best of their abilities..

Project Quality 

We assigned you trained professionals who will supervise your project, detect errors and bugs, and shore, nearshore, and offshore collaboration as per the requirement of your project. 


We streamline management with international payments, billing visibility, and payment compliance. 

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QServices Inc. VS Competitors
Visibility will be much easier, if you have the code
Parameters Why QServices Inc. Freelancers Competitors
Onboarding Time One hour In a week 3-4 Days
Cost Involved Negotiable Pricing Lowest (low quality) Fixed
Project Completion Live tracking of a project No tracking records Depends upon contract
Developer Backing Out Support Guaranteed Developer Support Less Guarantee Overhead For Newer Developer On-boarding
Management Level Available for client side work Depends upon preferences Maybe or May not
Contract Flexibility Flexibility in Contracts No Flexible Contracts No Flexible Contracts
After Completion Support Guaranteed After Project Completion Support Depends Upon Developer Preferences Not Sure
Project Completion Duration Fast Delivery Delay in delivery Depends Upon Developers
Why Hybrid Development? 

Hybrid apps are becoming in trend because they allow developers to write code for a mobile app once and accommodate multiple platforms. However, because hybrid apps add an extra layer between the source code and the target platform, they may perform slightly slower than native or web versions. 

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Hybrid Developer is beneficial for you? 
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Hybrid mobile app development is the industry’s most prominent mobile app development model nowadays. The hybrid approach has many users because of the increasing number of start-ups and new businesses. As a result, the industry’s competitiveness is being strained. 

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A (hybrid app) is a software application that incorporates features from both native and web apps. 

In QServices, hiring a hybrid app developer for an application development is very much easy and affordable as compared to other service provider.  

Basically, it depends upon the work and manpower applied on your project. You can easily estimate your price through price calculator.  

Usually, developers of QServices will take 3 to 4 months to successfully develop an app that is ready for release. However, it also depends upon your app requirements.  

We first take the client’s specifications about the project; then set a meeting with developers (on-call, skype, google meet, etc.). Then we allow the client to hand-select the developer for a company that suits them best.  

QServices offers flexible hiring modules. For example, if you wish to hire hybrid developers on an hourly basis or for project-based tasks, i.e., where your project scope is clear, we also offer that process. 


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