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Navigating Intelligent Cybersecurity with Microsoft Azure 

Microsoft Azure Cyber Security with its end-to-end visibility, smart threat hunting, and automated response, transforming your enterprise into a stronghold of uncompromised security expertise. 

What is Azure Security? 

Azure Security is the fortification of protection within Microsoft’s Azure cloud ecosystem. With a robust suite of tools spanning Operations, Applications, Storage, Networking, Compute, and Identity, Azure Security ensures end-to-end confidentiality, integrity, and availability of customer data. From intelligent threat detection with managed Microsoft Azure Sentinel to personalized cloud consultancy through Azure Advisor, it’s a comprehensive, customizable shield for creating secure solutions. 

Features of Microsoft Azure Security  

Azure Active Directory Identity Protection

  • Risk-Based User Sign-In Policies:
    Tailor policies based on user actions, prompting multi-factor authentication when needed.

  • Risky User Detection & Remediation:
    Swiftly identifies compromised accounts, triggering instant alerts for proactive resolution.
  • Azure Application Firewall

  • Network and Application-Level Filtering:
    Tailor policies based on user actions, prompting multi-factor authentication when needed.

  • Risky User Detection & Remediation:
    Swiftly identifies compromised accounts, triggering instant alerts for proactive resolution.
  • Manage cryptographic keys, secrets, and enhance user flexibility

  • Read-Only (CanNotDelete) Lock:
    Safeguards resources from modifications or deletions.

  • CanNotDelete (Delete) Lock:
    Highest level of protection, preventing both modifications and deletions.
  • Employee Self-Service Capabilities

  • Client-Side Encryption:
    Empowers applications to encrypt sensitive data before database storage.

  • Column-Level Encryption:
    Provides granular control, allowing encryption of specific database table columns.
  • Active Directory Integration

  • Key Management:
    Enables creation, import, and management of cryptographic keys.

  • Secret Management:
    Securely stores and manages sensitive information like passwords and API keys with Azure API management.
  • Centralized Data View and Management

  • Multiple Authentication Methods:
    Supports various authentication modes, enhancing user flexibility.

  • Conditional Access Policies:
    Customizable policies based on factors like location and risk level.
  • Our Solutions with Azure Security’s capabilities

    As an Azure Managed Service Provider, QServices utilizes the formidable capabilities of Azure Security to fortify your assets against potential threats. Our solutions cover: 

  • Identity Management
  • Helps you keep an eye on resource access while fortifying user identities.

  • App & Data Protection
  • Safeguard applications and sensitive data with advanced measures.

  • Network Security
  • Establish secure network environments using Azure's cutting-edge features.

  • Advanced Threat Protection
  • Proactively defend against evolving threats with insightful monitoring.

  • Security Management
  • Comprehensive oversight of security protocols and measures.

  • Security Audit
  • Rigorous audits ensure compliance and resilience, fostering organizational robustness and adaptability.

    Key outcomes with  Azure Security as a service

    Tailor security policies and detect compromised accounts
    Azure Active Directory Identity Protection allows you to tailor risk-based user sign-in policies and swiftly detect and remediate risky user accounts, ensuring proactive resolution.
    Control network traffic and secure SQL databases
    Azure Application Firewall enables precise rules for network and application-level filtering, while Azure Secure SQL Database Always Encrypted provides client-side encryption and column-level encryption for granular control.
    Manage cryptographic keys, secrets, and enhance user flexibility
    Azure Key Vault facilitates key management, secret management, and secure multi-factor authentication methods through Azure AD Multi-Factor Authentication.
    QServices as your Azure Managed Service Provider
    Leverage QServices' expertise to fortify your assets against potential threats with solutions covering Identity & Access Management, App & Data Protection, Network Security, Advanced Threat Protection, Security Management, and Security Audit.
    Drive innovation securely with Azure
    Foster a culture of innovation by integrating security measures that safeguard your assets while empowering your organization to explore new technologies and business strategies confidently. Ensure security is an enabler, not a roadblock, in your pursuit of progress.
    Achieve holistic protection, compliance, and risk management
    Effectively protect your people, clients, and data against evolving attacks, realize the business benefits of data protection, advanced analytics, and threat intelligence, and meet compliance and risk management objectives.

    Why Choose Us

    Azure Security Expertise

    With our profound knowledge and experience in Azure security, we ensure a robust defense against evolving threats.

    Tailored Solutions

    We craft customized security solutions, aligning Azure capabilities as per different business needs.

    Comprehensive Approach

    We adopt a holistic security stance with our comprehensive approach to safeguarding your Azure environment.

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    Proactive Security

    We proactively anticipate and mitigate potential threats, ensuring proactive defense for your Azure infrastructure against disruptions.

    Data Compliance

    We guarantee the security of your Azure environment, implementing robust measures to safeguard your data with utmost integrity.

    Cost-Effective Security

    Our cost-effective security solutions seamlessly optimize your Azure protection without compromising your budget and performance.

    Cleared Doubts: FAQs

    Azure Security transforms your business into an oasis of uncompromising security knowledge by offering end-to-end visibility, intelligent threat hunting, and automated responses. 

    Azure Security ensures end-to-end confidentiality, integrity, and availability of client data by strengthening protection across Operations, Applications, Storage, Networking, Compute, and Identity. 

    Azure Security fortifies protection across Operations, Applications, Storage, Networking, Compute, and Identity, ensuring comprehensive data confidentiality, integrity, and availability. 

    QServices utilizes identity and access management, app and data protection, network security, advanced threat protection, security management, and security audits to strengthen assets by utilizing Azure Security’s capabilities. 

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