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Hire a dedicated android app developer who has years of experience on an android application for tablets, phones, and wearable devices. Being one of the top Android App development company, hiring our highly skilled Android developers; benefits you in: 

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We Take the Hassles out of Hiring

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Explain your Project

We love to listen to you first because your need is our priority. Then, connect with one of our dedicated industry experts to better understand your goals and needs. Discussion helps us to take the initiative.

hire dedicated dotnet developer
Get Matched with Expertise

Matches your project's needs and hires a dedicated android app developer via our trustworthy vetting process. The step to hiring an Android developer according to budget matters; that's why we have added a psychological test in our hiring process.. 

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Vetting Process

Hiring the android app developer for the 2022 project can be stressful. The dedicated android app developer must be knowledgeable, intelligent, accountable, and responsive; QServices match your company with pre-vetted, remote, android app developers and add professionals to your project.

What QServices Inc. does for you?


We’ve narrowed the hiring process; this saves your crucial time and gets the development team scaled quickly for your project. Every factor has been considered, from time zone overlap to developer availability.

Deep profile creation

QServices vet all android developers before bringing them into the team. During this process, programmers demonstrate their necessary skills to be considered a senior expert developer capable of finishing the project.


Every programmer undergoes multiple tests to build an android application that solidify your brand presence. This vetting process helps to check—the project handling power for your core business.

Match & on-boarding

Our vetting process team has developed a community of Android developers and has strict on-boarding criteria. When app developers meet our high expectations, they join our community.

No long-term association

We linked to you until your project is developed and delivered—our ability to deliver services without the need for commitment in the long term keep in full control work tenure.

Availability on All-time Zones

App developers can easily adjust as per the clients' time zone; this becomes advantageous to the company hiring an offshore developer.

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QServices Inc. VS Competitors
Our quality ranks us in a competitor
Parameters Why QServices Inc. Freelancers Competitors
Onboarding Time 1.5 hours One Week 3-4 Days
Cost of Projects Negotiable Low Cost Fixed
Project Guaranteed Completion Track your project till completion No Guarantee Depends on contract
Developer Backing Our Support Full backup team Single person Overhead For Newer Developer On-boarding
Management Level Guaranteed customer Centric Approach Difficult to manage May or May not
Flexible Contracts Flexible Contract No contract(security issue) Contract terms and condition fixed
After Completion Support Guaranteed After Project Completion Support On Developers Preferences Not Sure
Project Completion Duration Guaranteed Lowest Time Longest (Sometimes take break) Variable
Why Android App?

Android is a platform that is easier to master for developers having varying skill levels. As a result, mobile app development services can utilize Android with much greater ease than any other platform. It helps people around the globe enjoy greater access to more information and opportunity than ever earlier.

Do you think that going with Android is
profitable to you?
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Android is a widely successful mobile operating system. It competes a shoulder to shoulder with iOS. So, it's profitable to invest in android development.
  • Best utilization of android features and functions. 
  • Hiring android app Developer Company is Cost-Effective. 
  • Fully secure back up team to secure data confidentially. 
  • Innovative project – on time delivery. 

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Yes, there is an extremely high demand for android developers, both entry-level and experienced. 

Nowadays, Java is the most preferable language for Android app development.  

Usually, its depends upon your app requirements and how much screens that you need for your apps. You can estimate your price through price calculator.  

In QServices, process of hiring Android app developer is very convenient. You can easily hire developer to your project within half an hour.  

  • Using a variety of tools to write program code in order to design and build applications for Android products 
  • Collaborating with other teams to design new features that users need 
  • Troubleshooting bugs in both new and exciting apps, and working to fix them 
  • Working with external APIs and databases 

You can communicate with your project managers of hired cross-platform app developers through google meet, Skype, e-mail, or instant messengers with a phone call or chat. 

Contact us! so we can get familiar with your needs. The more time we spend discussing your requirements. Finally, finalize developers; once you approve, we help them integrate into your project smoothly.  


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QServices Inc. undertakes every project with a high degree of professionalism. Their communication style is unmatched and they are always available to resolve issues or just discuss the project.​