Who We Are?

We are believing in change! A change is driven by technology and innovation, we help businesses and individuals in adapting as well as evolving digital technology and transformation. Our aim is to change people’s lives and improve their business with our professional and technical solutions.  

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who we are
who we are

Listen to client requirements

We like to prioritize our client’s and listen up their requirements and expectations before starting their project.

who we are | QServices

Provide Dedicated Team

After analyzing the requirements of our client, we provide prefect fit and dedicated team of developers who are best developing the apps.

who we are | QServices

Setup DevOps

Engage your business with effective data science services and an interactive website.

who we are

When We Began,
Where We Are Going

Humble Beginning

With the urge to fulfill his dreams, CEO Mr. Sahil Kataria started the company to provide IT services to end-users.

Operations and Resources

Launched food delivery website. Work resources united and operations began for international clients- US, UK.

Huge Presence and Reach

QServices has revolutionized the IT staffing terrain and dealt with Xamarin development services.

IT Services Prominence

Now, QServices have a team of 200+ members. And We’re continuously working on expanding our services through IT staffing development.


Joyful Glimpses and Positivity

We provide outsourced IT services for small and large-scale businesses

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We would have guaranteed to provide top-notch customer service. And we always are honest and transparent. 

We have almost 7+ years of experience developing web and mobile-friendly applications. We are confident to provide the best service at very competitive prices. So you can trust us blindly and make a deal with us. 

There are many unique things that any individual client should note while dealing and working with QServices. First, we consistently fulfil clients’ requirements. Second, we can’t have any unsatisfied clients in our records. Third, we treat every client as a family member. 

Here are some key things to consider: 

  • Keep your explanations simple, use plain English, and skip the jargon. … 
  • Draw analogies if it makes sense. … 
  • Use clear visuals and examples, if possible. … 
  • Talk about results; explain why and what you are doing for the client, not how you are doing it. 
  • Pause often and ask for questions. 

Our developers gave day-to-day reporting to clients. Also, developers use Agile, DevOps, GitHub, and other development methodologies to keep informed of every progress. 


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Sahil Katari

Founder and CEO

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Amit Kumar

Chief Sales Officer

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Phil J.Head of Engineering & Technology​
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QServices Inc. undertakes every project with a high degree of professionalism. Their communication style is unmatched and they are always available to resolve issues or just discuss the project.​