We Provide World-class Healthcare Software Solutions

Experienced software companies have substantial knowledge and background in healthcare app development. They can help you develop efficient medical software and give solutions to win the market or enhance the quality of medical care for patient satisfaction. 

QServices with high-skilled developers and seven-plus years of healthcare mobile app Development Company, we build custom healthcare solutions for hospitals, labs, and other healthcare firms and software products. 


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Our Services include Electronic Health Record Software Solutions

Provide custom healthcare app development solutions that allow patients and healthcare providers to track and store healthcare information. In addition, we plan an electronic medical health records software solution that promotes and enhances streamlining clinical workflows and help providers in communications. The current situation has restored the focus on scaling digital invention across the health IT sector and is pushing communities to achieve patient-centric care. 

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Tackle your Problems with Custom Healthcare Software Development

We deliver secure data with end-to-end software solutions with images, viewing, healthcare-related videos, etc. We develop creative websites or apps without bringing the red tape to the competence. Our tech expertise and previous work experience in the healthcare industry help build software without compromising quality. Our experienced software developers carefully map users’ needs and make the user experience reflexive and straightforward. In addition, the dedicated healthcare mobile app development companies create engaging software interface elements like buttons, menus, icons to achieve a different visual design. 


World Class IT solutions for healthcare industry

QServices Inc. Key Healthcare Software Solutions


Develop custom healthcare app development with built-in prescription with digital data or files, point of sale integration, provider to patient’s features, automated refill processing, etc. 


Data storing is a necessary aspect of health care. Electronically stored data will ease the data extraction approach and improve patient care. Besides, professional health providers will easily access the necessary information in an emergency. 


Automate healthcare inventory techniques using database management systems, integrated barcode scanners, and National Drug Code displays. 


We design cutting-edge healthcare solutions that permit patients to track and maintain their diagnostic performance and help providers to record medical data in real-time for effective care. In addition, our experts create market-ready solutions that provide historical data to analyze medical conditions and update patients on the alarming notification in remote areas. 


Our healthcare mobile app development company first works on patient data across systems such as EMR systems, e-prescribing systems, digital laboratory report systems, and external Personal Health records like Health Vault. It supports data extraction and transfer in industry-standard formats.


QServices develop works on high-value Picture Archiving and Communication Systems healthcare app development, also known as teleradiology solutions, to permit sharing and store medical imaging clips and reports.  



Health care is the maintenance or improvement of health through the prevention, diagnosis, cure, amelioration, or cure of disease, illness, injury, and other physical and mental impairments.

There are healthcare apps that help manage these and many more health conditions. These apps are expected to reduce overall health costs for both patients and providers. In addition, health apps are making it easier than ever to collect, manage and monitor the health information of a particular person.

Mobile apps are used in many forms while we’re talking about healthcare as these apps are used for ordering medicines, doctor consultations, etc.  

the cost to develop a healthcare app would be around $20,000 to $30,000 comprising all the essential features developed for a single platform. 

Our digital marketing team optimizes the website for the healthcare industry with the help of SEO, SMM, other promotional techniques, etc.  


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