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Launch your Educational Software by Hiring Dedicated Software Developers for 2022 Projects

Make your online education engagement more efficient with custom e-Learning software or online education website design that possesses. QServices Inc recognized the potential use of technology in education by providing innovative solutions like education software for classes’ educational apps. In Educational Software, we offer you eLearning applications right from educational institutes to enterprises. 

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QServices Inc. provides visionary and innovative education software solutions to our clients

With deep experience in e-learning software or Online Education Website Design, our versatile developers have what it takes to provide high-quality service and smooth operation in educational app development, both simple and complex. 


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Utilize our Education Software Expertise

Learners are now more inclined toward technology-enabled education, growing day by day. At QServices, our designers help companies or institutes ride this conversion wave through custom Educational Development Solutions, Learning Module Management Software, Enterprise Portal, and Distance Learning Software. We are one of India’s top-notch custom educational software companies with over eight years of experience in education solutions. 


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QServices Inc. Key Education Software Solutions

Learning Management System

QServices, a software development company, works on Learning Management systems and helps them in online learning website development, and we also build Software that suits your target clients. Here are some of the tasks that companies effectively solve using LMS, like Creating a single internal knowledge base platform, easy-to-follow tools, and impressive user engagement. 

Educational Website Developers

We are masterful in designing eLearning Websites and Educational Portals with web technologies like HTML5, JavaScript-based libraries. 

Web and App-Based Software

With our web-based training software solutions, we can build portals for conducting online training sessions, launching webinar sessions, one-to-one course learning, etc. 

Design & Development

We include techniques like video, graphics, playful quiz questions in the form of animation, and also with games to create a unique user understanding of our services. 

Mobile e-Learning App

We create amazing interactive apps with Mobile educational Apps to access training and other eLearning content. 

Management Software Development

With our online learning website development and management, firm’s institutes can streamline their function by bringing together any events or meetings. 


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We have had a huge history of developing online learning apps, e-learning applications, and educational mobile apps. Our app developers have closely worked with experienced educators and school and college administrators to develop a complete understanding of how the flow of information takes place when education is being imparted and received.  

There are lots of aspects where mobile apps benefit the education industries. Education Apps enable students to analyze what they have been taught and its source, which makes them curious to know more but in a systematic way where they know how, when, and what to explore. 

Well, the cost of developing an app depends on the design, work, workforce requirements, and app expectations. You may also estimate your price through the QServices Pricing Calculator.

We have a team of digital marketers and SEO professionals who work continuously for optimizing clients’ website and provides result-oriented approaches and optimization techniques.

Digital marketing makes it possible for academic institutions to reach out to potential parents on a broader range of platforms such as social networking sites, emails, banner ads, etc. 


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