With our vetted Angular Developers, you can continuously and methodically evolve your product

We recruit the top Angular minds with an in-depth understanding of fundamental Java design patterns, including Adapters, Business Objects, Delegates, Service Locator, Singleton, DAO, and DTO. To create complex and mission-critical applications, our Angular developers are in charge of all stages of the SDLC or Software Development Life Cycle, including the analysis of business requirements, technical specifications, product development, third-party software implementation, and testing. To speed up the outcome of your front-end architecture, hire our Angularjs developers. 

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Increase Your Web Presence by Hiring the Best Full-Stack Angular Development Team in the Industry

You won’t need to worry about scalability and adaptability as your product expands since QServices Inc. has top-notch competence in merging a variety of front and back-end technologies, such as Angular + Rails, Angular + Node, and Angular + PHP, to construct scalable web structures. As a leading Angular development firm, we have extensive experience integrating agile concepts and creating SPAs with MVVM and MVC components. By employing our full-stack Angular team, you may defy convention and create highly secure and scalable web applications.

Build Safe Business Applications with AngularJS

The Angular web development services offered by QServices are robust, dependable, extremely interactive, and data-driven. They combine flawless performance, user-friendly features, and interactive designs. Hire an Angular developer with at least 5 years of expertise in Angular app and Angular web development. 

AngularJS Consulting

Our professional AngularJS consultants team understands your Business necessities and works closely to support you with all the benefits of AngularJS technology.

AngularJS Web Application Development

As an experienced AngularJS web application development company, our developers work on building fast-loading.

Custom AngularJS Development

We use our domain expertise in comprehensive JavaScript technologies to assemble custom AngularJS applications that fit your unique industry services.

E-commerce development

We use our domain expertise in building Ecommerce sites and applications using AngularJS. It can be integrated with payment gateways, shopping carts, and other e-commerce tools to provide a complete e-commerce solution. 

AngularJS Mobile App Development

As a well-known AngularJS mobile app development company, we support businesses streamline in operating high-performing.

AngularJS API Development

QServices offers high-performing and scalable AngularJS developers and API development services, keeping all specific business needs.

Needed for the Digital Age: Angular Development Services and Skill Set

Development of Angular mobile applications

Find an angular js developer to create safe, scalable, and feature-rich applications, whether you’re looking to employ an AngularJS programming team or a dedicated Angular mobile app developer. AngularJS is a powerful front-end framework that can be used for developing mobile applications with advanced features and high performance. Whether you’re looking to hire a dedicated Angular mobile app developer or an entire programming team, working with experienced professionals can help you create safe, scalable, and feature-rich applications that meet your business objectives.  

Upgrade Service for Angular

Whether you are a product owner, CEO, CTO, excellent new business, or independent consultant, expand your current staff and address the talent gap. When updating to the most recent Angular version, our Angular Upgrade Service guarantees complete peace of mind without any further service disruption or delay. 

Development of an Angular e-commerce portal

Developing an Angular e-commerce portal can be a complex process, but it can provide numerous benefits such as improved user experience, higher engagement, and increased sales. To ensure the success of your project, it’s important to work with an experienced Angular development team who can leverage the framework’s features to create a scalable, secure, and feature-rich e-commerce portal that meets your business requirements. 

Angular to Angular Migration

As a globally renowned Angular Development Company, we have extensive experience and expertise in migrating older Angular applications to the latest version. Our team of experienced developers can help you identify potential issues and risks, analyze your existing codebase, and create a comprehensive migration plan that minimizes downtime and ensures a seamless transition to the new version of Angular. With our efficient and effective migration process, you can upgrade your application to the latest version of Angular while minimizing disruption to your business operations. 

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Our team of committed Angular developers makes sure to put your satisfaction first.

If you’re searching for the top Angular developer, your search ends here. We work with startups, scale-ups, and well-established firms to build highly interactive, scalable, and data-driven cross-platform web applications using the latest Angular framework. Our top AngularJS engineers are experts in their field and will work closely with you to understand your business needs and build solutions that meet your specific requirements. We also offer dedicated development services, handling everything from onboarding to infrastructure, administration to payroll, and compliance, making it easy for you to onboard dedicated Angular engineers quickly and efficiently. With our agile specialists and cultural fit for your business, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best possible service and results. 

Why Us

Knowledge of data structure libraries, state management, and functional/reactive programming

A solid understanding of the principles of Web Standards, Browser Performance and Rendering Pipelines, HTTPS, JSON Web Token, and other pertinent ideas 

Well-versed in using TypeScript, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Java/J2EE, Jasmine, Karma, Git, and Jenkins to design, create, and deliver enterprise-grade solutions. 

Strong JavaScript programming abilities in async programming, promises, closures, and ES6

Building unit test cases using Jest/Enzyme with the highest level of code coverage 

Having knowledge in integrating RESTful APIs

Building unit test cases using Jest/Enzyme with the highest level of code coverage 

Having knowledge of popular front-end development tools like Babel, Webpack, and NPM 

Cleared Doubts: FAQs

We regularly update clients, concerned teams, managers, and other stakeholders on the project’s status in compliance with Agile project management. In the event of an app development project, we provide login details for tracking ongoing progress.

Ionic, of course. The AngularJS framework enables mobile applications to appreciably improve performance rate and load time. Additionally, it enhances stability using non-breaking API improvements. Creating impenetrable hacks that guarantee the high security of various commercial domains is AngularJS’s key objective.

React outperforms Angular in terms of virtual DOM performance and rendering optimizations. Also, switching between React versions is simple because, unlike Angular, you don’t need to install the new versions.

Applications developed with Angular JS have frequently demonstrated that this solution has a wide range of capabilities and varies in price depending on the length of the app. These characteristics are distinct in all respects and are largely connected. This means that skilled developers are needed for all of these functionalities.

You can view our testimonials from previous projects that were successfully completed. Our devoted staff has more than seven years of industry expertise. Not only that, but we also back it.

Even though it is significantly more lightweight than a typical framework, AngularJS best meets the definition of a framework, which is why many people mistake it for a library.

Angular is a popular JavaScript framework for building web applications. It offers features such as two-way data binding, dependency injection, and a component-based architecture, which can help you build complex, dynamic web applications more quickly and efficiently than if you were to write everything from scratch.

An Angular development company can handle a wide range of projects, from small single-page applications to large enterprise-scale web applications. Some examples include e-commerce websites, social networks, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, and more. 

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Explore our portfolio for success stories. Here, we spotlight case studies reflecting technology's impact, empowering businesses and individuals to achieve success.

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