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Create your own immersive AR/VR powerful application from scratch to end product using our tools. In addition, QServices will help to give your AR dreams a new reality. If you need professional suggestions our expertise will guide you till project completion. The QServices is an international organization organized to facilitate AR VR app development providers and end-users that accelerate growth.  

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We are the frontiersperson in designing and developing industry experiences that are admiringly interactive and immersive. Our unparalleled services and industry solutions are powered by cutting-edge technology that spans the following services Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, Game Development, Animations. Both are rapidly growing markets and, in both areas, the potential is practically boundless. In fact, the only limit is your imagination. Initially operated by the gaming industry, Virtual Reality is expected to perform a wide range of industrial applications shortly. Expanded reality has already risen extensively in the industry and has recently entered the client market. 

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AR-VR Development in Brampton
Augmented Reality

QServices Inc. team constantly works on engaging augmented reality apps for digital effect interaction for all types of companies from small, mid-sized, and top-notch firms.

Virtual Reality

We design virtual reality solutions for innovative projects with tangible and collaborative scenarios solutions. In addition, it helps in boosting sales by improving the buyer's experience.

AR-VR Development in Brampton
Mixed Reality

Our developers' experience in mixed reality allows us to create solutions. Thus it provides a real-time view of natural surroundings combined with an intelligent virtual object.

Remote Expert Service

QServices collaborate thoroughly with customers and suppliers using live video and run augmented reality tools, including IoT data overlay.

Digital Work Instructions

Transform paper-based methods into digital work instructions. And form the guide workers, automate data capture, and streamline operations.

IoT Development in Brampton
Mixed Reality (MR) Software Development

We offer full-cycle MR software development services implicating 3D modeling, rendering and content development to build cloud-based and cross-platform MR applications.

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Both AR and VR are some great technologies which could raise your learner appointment. But, if you have to choose one or the other, here’s a high-level recap on the differentiate of AR and VR technologies for the training:  

  • AR adds to a reality through phones and tablets; VR creates a new reality via headsets.  
  • AR is better for out-of-the-way, technical topics; VR is better for the complex, soft-skill content.  
  • AR training and VR training are both expensive, but the long-term ROI proves worthwhile.  

Nowadays, AR and VR are changing the way businesses function and this technology is continuing to gain momentum. 

The cost of developing your augmented reality app will depend on your business idea and what it needs in terms of technologies, skills, and time to become a reality. 

Such apps can be pretty easy to build, taking one to three months. They need an image like a logo or an icon or any other that is called a marker to trigger pre-programmed AR content after the marker has been scanned by the user. 

VR development and programming could take 1-8 weeks or more depending on the size of the virtual environment. 

Communicating effectively is perhaps the most crucial part of mutual understanding. A team of QServices usually uses MS team, Skype, etc. Also, we’re ready to adopt any other communication platforms according to your preference. 

For AR VR development, we first decide on the game engine. There are two leading game engines in actual and developers perform on Unreal and Unity. Both are good, but using them all depends on client and project requirements. It is all based on the C# programming language, which is suitable for desktop, mobile, and VR AR applications. 

AR VR is more like a virtual counterpart, or it’s a type of simulation of the real moment with small elements of reality. The unclear boundaries between the real and virtual world help companies to better visualize and analyze their outcomes to avoid post-production issues. It also encourages companies to conduct remote meetings and virtual product launches. 


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