WordPress vs. Squarespace Comparison: Which One Should You Choose in 2022?

wordpress vs squarepace

Since more and more entrepreneurs want to create their website, post content, start their blog, and have more control over certain design elements, they need to know about website development using tools such as WordPress and Squarespace. These two options currently hold the title of the most popular website app development tools in Brampton and worldwide. However, the platforms are not only friendly for beginners but have different weaknesses and strengths depending on users’ requirements.

After narrowing it down to these two options, it has become more than important to compare WordPress and Squarespace to see which one fairs well in the long run. However, to do that, people need to know about the tools and the important features that these have. So, in this article, we will compare WordPress and Squarespace and see what features, pricing, plans, customer services options, etc., they have. With this comparison, you can decide which one is better suited for you between these two popular options.

WordPress Vs. Squarespace: Reviewing The Two At a Glance

When it comes to choosing between Squarespace and WordPress, first and foremost, it is crucial to know about the two options. So, here is an introduction to both website builders in short.
Squarespace is a SaaS or a Software as a Service. This tool is readily suited for beginners and has an all-in-one design. It was created for the users who want to pay just a single amount as a fee to have access to almost anything on the website. The monthly subscriptions for Squarespace include site management, plugins, templates, and more. The overall site is pretty user-friendly and has options for hosting. Also, there are no coding requirements, so this seems to be an ideal site for beginners without experience in coding.
WordPress is another very popular SaaS platform that is hosted and has been designed specifically for beginners. There are customizable features on the WordPress site, so it is very beneficial for people who want to create and maintain smaller blogs and websites most efficiently. One of the best things about the website building tool is that there is a free option for those who want to get some practice before signing in with the right deal. Apart from that, there are paid plans with other stellar features and add-on options.

Choosing Between the Two: Which One is Better?

It is important to remember that WordPress and Squarespace provide website creation options for the users. These sites offer tools, templates, and other features to simplify the process of website creation. Also, you dont require any coding knowledge to operate both sites. However, the experience of building a website with both tools is completely different. To ensure that you have a great experience in creating your site, it is important to choose the correct platform. You can also Hire a Professional WordPress Developer in USA  for services. However, if you want to make your own choices and set up your website, you have to choose between the two.

Stacking Up The Platforms Together: A Detailed Comparison


Ease of Use 

When it comes to ease of use, this site is elementary and ideal for beginners. You don’t have to learn coding to use the tool and create your website.

WordPress might be a bit more challenging to operate than Squarespace if you have no experience. Although no coding experience is required on this site, there is a steep learning curve, and you will have to know some basics about operating the tool and creating your website or blog.

SEO Options

In Squarespace, you will receive essential meta-descriptions and customized URLs for different pages. Another great thing is that you can access Google Analytics no matter what plan you choose in this fantastic website builder.

Users using the free version might not have access to the SEO tools and options. However, for users with an eCommerce plan or Business Plan, there are different 3rd party plugins for them to install to maximize the SEO section of their website.

This website builder has essential in-built blogging tools, making the blogging process easy. You can choose from various tools such as Post Scheduling Tags, Comment Moderation, Categories, and much more.

There is a free plan in WordPress where the users will be provided with the critical blogger options for beginners, 3GB storage and a hosted site. However, with the paid plans, there are other options for blogging, such as customization options and much more.

Plan Costs

$12-$40 per month

$4-$45 per month
Customer Support

In the case of customer support, there are various options available for users to choose from. For example, one can get 24/7 help via social media, live chat, and email. However, there is no phone option available for the users in Squarespace.

The customer support section for free WordPress users includes limited phone support. However, one-on-one concierge and live chat options will be made available to users once they have chosen a particular plan for themselves.

eCommerce Options 

The users of Squarespace will be able to sell both digital as well as physical products on the website created using this tool. Apart from that, they can sell services on the site too.

The users with an eCommerce plan can sell physical and digital products in their store. There are other plans, but these do not allow the creation of online stores. For other users, only the blogging option is available.

Storage and Backup

The storage space is unlimited for users. But they will have to back their data and website content manually as no auto-upload feature is available on this website builder.                                                  

In the case of WordPress, the website content is automatically and adequately backed up. Also, users have different storage space options, and the amount of storage depends on your chosen payment plan.

Conclusion: Who Wins Between WordPress and Squarespace

Now that you have seen a detailed comparison of both the website builders, it is time to choose a winner between the two. Both WordPress and Squarespace are prevalent website-building tools used by people all over the world. They have similar features such as coding requirements, security options, add-ons, and more. However, it is the differences that you have to review and judge to choose the correct option. So, which platform do you think is the best? Well, it depends on the choice and requirements of the users. The goal that you have will decide which option you should choose.

If you wish to blog frequently and create a larger target audience to have an income-generating stream, Squarespace is the right option. However, if you want to enjoy creating a simple and free website that has a smaller audience, WordPress would be an ideal choice.

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