What Makes Android App Development Services Popular Among Businesses?

Android development has become a must-have for any company that wants to stay afloat. As a result, almost every business is now online and uses an Android application to market its products and services to people worldwide.

As a result, your Android app can sell nearly anything to almost any location. As a result, you must create a mobile application for your company, which has become a must. Many businesses have achieved exceptional results as a result of mobile app development.

Because Android is an open-source mobile operating system, many smartphone makers use it. Furthermore, Android’s fresh innovations and features will make it an enticing operating system soon.

According to a survey on the global smartphone OS, Android alone will hold the smartphone market by more than 70%. Around 74% of global smartphone users use the Android operating system. So, many people around this world use Android, and you could effortlessly target those people with a perfect Android application.

Here are some reasons you should choose Android App Development for your business with the help of dedicated android developers.

Why should you choose Android Development? 

Android is Everywhere 

As previously stated, Android is used by more than 74 percent of smartphone users worldwide. iOS is in second place, with a quarter of the global market. As a result, Android + iPhone accounts for more than 99 percent of the smartphone market, while the remaining 1% uses other devices. So, keep in mind that “Android is everywhere.” For example, if you go to the gas station and the payment is collected on POS, that might be based on Android. In addition, some smartphone alternatives, such as TVs and even POSs, are based on Android.

Therefore, do not be surprised to see more Android-based electronics products, including smartphones, tablets, and perhaps smart TVs. It’s amazing how commonplace Android usage has grown, with virtually everyone using it. The need for effective and user-friendly applications has increased as a result of the availability of a broad variety of devices and a sizable user base.

To meet the demands of this developing industry, there is an increasing need for cutting-edge tools and technology, such as IDEs for Android development. Android has undoubtedly impacted every country in the globe, and it continues to have an impact on how we use technology.

 Low Entry Barriers  

In comparison, iOS, Android’s main competitor, is quite expensive to build. As a result, we may conclude that Android has a low entrance barrier. This is because a developer must register as an Android Developer and make their software available on the App Store for a small charge of $25 (as of June 2020). Furthermore, Android development may be done on any machine, including Windows, Linux, and iOS. As a result, the overall cost of Android development will be lower. On the other hand, a monthly subscription fee of 99 USD for iOS apps makes it relatively expensive (compared to Android) to publish your app on the App Store.

As a result, Android has a low entry barrier advantage. Anyone can register as an Android Developer on the Play Store and make their application available to the entire globe for free! Isn’t that a compelling argument to work with Android?

Open Source 

Another big reason to choose an Android development is open-source. It is free to use, and it allows you to modify the OS the way you require. People prefer to use the phone the way they need. You can use custom ROMs or develop your own custom ROM. All thanks to the Android open-source advantage. Since Android is open to everyone, there are a lot of custom ROMs in the market, and people use those custom ROM to make their phones behave the way they require. So, you got the open-source advantage as well.

Free software and OS are what the users love most, and Android is one such free OS, which is used by a lot of smartphone manufacturers, so you get the advantage. So, overall you could target all those who use the free OS and use custom ROM through Android Development for your business.

 Innovation Supporting 

Android is known for its innovations and frequently adding the newest features to its operating system android. SO Android always encourages innovative features and applications. If you are working on something creative, Google might look at it and offer to support you with innovation. Google might provide you with a considerable amount and support for your innovative new features on Android.

Google consistently implements new functions in the OS, and new features are also added to the Android Development Studio. So, the developers could use those new features and develop something innovative for the users. So, you will get the creative advantage of new features on Android.

Social Advantage 

Android apps are known for their compatibility with social media; hence those who prefer to spread the voice of their business with social media prefer Android App Development from dedicated android app developers. Moreover, sharing content or app or app screen is easy with Android Apps, so users are most likely to share the products on the Android application, and spread the word among their family and friends, so your business will get new customers from social sharing.

So, businesses will get their words spread by their users to their family and friends by sharing the app and its content. So, if you require getting their business spread through your users, you should go for Android App development.

 Final Verdict  

So, these are the topmost advantage of choosing Android App Development and availing Android App Development Services from the best android developers for hire, which you can’t simply ignore. There are a lot of advantages to choosing Android app development.

If you also want to develop a mobile app for your business, contact QServices. We are one of India’s best Android development companies, and we would deliver a perfect digital solution for your business.

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