What is the Difference Between the Traditional and Outsourcing Hiring processes?

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Hiring a new employee is a basic need of every business firm. However, if a business has many new projects requiring a workforce to minimize the work burden, they need to find Offshore IT Staffing Services to fulfill the requirements. As a Founder of a company, you need to find an appropriate recruiter partner. While recruiting, there are two options to choose such as Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and traditional recruitment.

Each process has its benefits and drawbacks, so you need to choose according to your business preferences. The traditional hiring process is a result-oriented and widely used method, while RPOs are a whole new concept that is becoming popular. So, let us discuss the differences between both hiring processes.


Differences Between Traditional and Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Traditional Hiring process

Recruitment process outsourcing

Lengthy and Hectic process – Nowadays, being a business owner or human resource manager of any individual company includes lots of daunting stuff to manage. Thus, recruiting through traditional hiring would be challenging as it involves old-school processes such as resume verification, F2F interaction, etc.

Optimized Process of RPO – Recruitment process outsourcing is genuinely being an optimized hiring process it saves overall hiring cost and time. You can easily deliver and initiate multiple job requests which can be filled by themselves accordingly.

Success measurement – Traditional recruitment measures their success rate through the number of placements they make for the organization. Thus, it is not good enough for the firm.

Success rate measurement of RPO
– Whereas, in RPOs they facilitate the soaring through every channel out there. They always prefer to provide a long-term relationship between employer and employee. Therefore, it is the best to fit for the organization and the applicants.

Expense –
Recruiting new staff members through traditional methods involves lots of financial challenges with benefits, training, and other relative costs.

Expense in RPO –
Working with an RPO can cut down your cost in half. The RPO agencies will cover all the bases of your hiring requirements while controlling the recruitment expenditure.

Scalability – Hiring your own recruiters could be perfect and handy when business is booming.

Scalability of RPO –
Hiring an expert recruiting agency helps you expand the size of your team at a comfortable rate. Also, it allows you to keep focusing on important business activities.

Expertise –
Basically, the traditional hiring team isn’t having enough expertise in their field. They may lack expertise in certain areas, such as managing all the processes and elements of recruiting, which is important in this competitive business environment.

Expertise in RPOs – RPOs uses various managing processes while recruiting such as analysis report, forecasting and reporting for strategic headhunting, etc.

Responsibilities – Traditional hiring understands a company’s culture, industry fit, and specific requirements. The area of responsibility includes workplace planning and development, employee relationship, and recruitment among others.

Responsibilities of RPOs – External recruiting service providers could offer flexibility while managing the responsibilities. They could provide intellectual guidance on effective workforce planning, training and development, and more.
 Wrapping Up

There’re lots of examples that hiring a traditional hiring team will do good for an organization. However, there are lots of scenarios where an organization doesn’t have enough time to recruit and manage the manpower requirement on its own. And this is where recruitment process outsourcing will become a helping hand. The only way to attract the best candidate in the IT industry is to choose an employee-friendly Offshore IT Staffing Service In USA. You only need to guide them a bit which will help find the most valuable and best-fit candidate. 

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