Growth Aspects of Cloud Computing in Recent Market


The job market for cloud computing is fast expanding, but it is not keeping up with global cloud innovation. Cloud technology for businesses continues to expand their product offerings and engage with new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT). In addition, cloud customers continue developing their use of the Cloud or migrating workloads to the Cloud for the first time. More cloud specialists are required in all of these scenarios to manage cloud solutions, but the supply of these trained people falls short of demand. Even though some minor and major businesses have been employing cloud adoption for several years, the Covid-19 epidemic has increased cloud utilization.

Cloud engineer, Cloud support engineer, Cloud developer, Cloud consultant, Software developer/engineer/architect, Back-end developer, and other Cloud computing development services titles are among the most widely posted on LinkedIn. For example, cloud Engineering is recognized as one of the most exemplary careers in 50 tech jobs, with a median base income of $105,565 by glassdoor. The most common cloud computing job roles, salaries in their respective countries, and the skills required for each profession are listed below.

Cloud Computing
Job Role
Salary (USA)  Salary (India) Salary (UAE) Salary (UK) Companies Hiring   Skills
Cloud Administrator $65,846 ₹7, 39,000 AED 5,522 £55,407





Programming languages

DevOps tools

Database configuration

Cloud infrastructure systems

Cloud servers, VMs, VPNs

Cloud Application


$70, 163 ₹8, 38,000 AED 277000 £89,307




Database skills

Programming knowledge

Linux OS

Cloud service platforms

Cloud Network


$72,362 ₹4, 89, 000 AED 75954





Knowledge of networking

Cloud Security

Data Center Administration

Cloud Computing Platforms

Cloud Automation


$79, 609 ₹5,33,000 AED 114803 £73,823





Cloud computing services

Python, Go

DevOps tools

Postgres/ MySQL databases



Public Sector Jobs with Cloud Computing Certification

All segments of society are following the government’s lead in adopting new technology and finding practical uses for them. From 2017-to 2025, the government cloud computing market is expected to develop at a CAGR of 27.8%. Government efforts, rising demand for government services, and data security concerns will all play a role.

For the government job roles, hiring will be open for:

-Cloud Engineers

-Cloud Computing Systems

-Network Administrators

-DevOps Engineers

-AI Architects

-Cloud Security Professionals

AWS invests in public sector workforce development in the UAE and the Middle East. They’ve been holding training sessions to help the region’s cloud usage grow faster. Several venues, including online digital platforms, provide Emirati and Arab youngsters with Cloud and technical skills that will help them advance in their careers.

Global Cloud Computing Market: 2010 – 2026

cloud technology for business

The graph above illustrates how cloud use will continue to grow fast. According to forecasts, the global cloud computing market is expected to expand from USD 371.4 billion in 2021 to USD 832.1 billion by 2025. The IT industry dominates this field, accounting for roughly 60% of the total, with software developers accounting for 20% and data centers accounting for 10%. The demand for increased scalability, reliability, and affordability drives this expansion.

Due to cloud computing, companies may now sell on-demand products and deliver services in a more agile manner. Tech giants like Microsoft, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google, IBM, and others have been rapidly extending their cloud computing offerings, resulting in increased demand for cloud computing. Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure are now the two leading cloud computing players.

 Who will Benefit from the Cloud?

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are two variables that have fuelled cloud growth throughout time. The following table lists the industries that use cloud computing and their applications:

 Industries using Cloud Computing


  • Manufacturing
  • Outsourcing
  • Product Development
  • Machine monitoring
  • Data Security
  • Supply Chain Management
  •  Healthcare
  • Real-time clinical data
  • Healthcare IT services
  • Data protection
  • Automated operation
  • Banking & financial services
  • Customers demand
  • Personalization
  • Digital banking tools
  • -Real-time analytics

According to 2019 statistics, North America has the most significant percentage of cloud usage, while Asia-Pacific is expected to grow at the fastest rate of 18.8% over the projection year. In addition, the cloud computing services market would see significant growth in rising economies such as India, China, Brazil, and Africa.

Cloud Computing Skills Gap and Certifications   

Even though cloud computing is becoming more popular, there remains a severe shortage of trained people in the industry. According to recent data, 63 percent of US businesses expect the IT skills gap to expand, and 59 percent expect the talent deficit to persist in the future years. While organizations modernize their IT systems by adopting new cloud technologies, a scarcity of qualified personnel to support the cloud infrastructure is a significant challenge. To close the skills gap, training and certification programs are required. The following are some of the most prominent cloud computing certifications.


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