Billing FAQs

An invoice and bills are commercial documents issued by the seller to the buyer offering facts about the sale marketing and transactions, such as the description of the goods, the amount payable, tax, etc. Here’re some frequently asked questions about the billing, and invoicing are discussed below:

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Billing FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

So, when it comes to web and app development for your startup business, what are the right questions you need to ask to figure things out? let’s Elaborate!

We deal in you can make a payment from Bank Transfer, PayPal, and other preferred payment options.   

You can pay for your Development bills (one-time or recurring) by using the following payment methods: a valid credit card from Mastercard, Visa, American Express, or PayPal.

For any billing-related query, you can email us at [email protected]. 

Call or email us at [email protected]. Or you can fill out the form displayed on a website homepage. Our concerned person will call you shortly. 

The financial team will be able to provide copies of invoices or statements. You can email us at [email protected]. 

Yes, the contract will automatically close after the set period expires. 

You must inform us the week before terminating the project or any contract. 

You accept only Electronic bank transfers, PayPal forms of payment. 

Well, there are no other charges included while billing. And it depends upon the situation. 

Our chief sales officer will guide you through everything upon a phone call or email. You can take any information you want regarding the same. 

Well, it depends upon the requirement. Additional charges may be applied if there is a requirement for any further changes after the job is done. 

You hire monthly or annually; there is no mandatory rule of hiring resources. 

Yes, the contract will automatically close after the set period expires. 

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