AI + Machine learning for .NET Developers

AI + Machine learning for .NET Developers

Nowadays, Machine learning is everywhere, but how do AI software development services help your jobs or help others understand what intelligence means?Isn’t it a tricky question! And that’s why no one wants to relate to fundamental concepts.
When we work with clients, they often ask the AI application development team the difference between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning? Unfortunately, many people seem to use these terms interchangeably, but actually, they are not the same.Artificial intelligence is the umbrella term, and within it, we have machine learning, a subset of AI.

AI boomed from the Box of Technology.  

Have you ever thought about when AI boomed from the Box of technology? It all began in 2013, after the ups and downs in AI.  

Over the last 15 years, we’ve been in AI application development services and seen AI vastly improve the digital world. New approaches like Machine learning and deep learning have led to remarkable advanced computing power growth. This computing power growth allows the systematic collection and sharing of a large volume of data. 

No Proper Definition of AI  

If you Google search about ‘AI,’ you will find some different definitions of ‘AI,’ but with some myths and misconceptions, AI doesn’t get a universal definition.   

You have heard the simple definition of AI; AI makes computers think. What about the developer’s point of view?   

It’s similar to the problems of defining “intelligence,” and there is currently no definition of it. Also, thinking is generally associated with humans, biological living beings rather than artificial. In general, this matter is related to the goals of strong AI and the counterargument in the research paper of Searle, 2008. 

Does AI appear more fictitious than Machine Learning? 

Both these fields serve a similar purpose, and the reason is twofold. First, the fuzzy definition of AI leaves much room for guesswork and wishful thinking, which can populate a wide range of philosophical views.  
Second, the high aspirations of AI enable speculations about ultimate or futuristic goals like “making machines think” or “making machines human-like.” Making machines behave like humans is optimal.

At first, this sounds rational but let us consider an example: –   

Suppose there is a group of people, and the task is to classify handwritten numbers. Classifying is a complex task because handwriting can be challenging to read. For this reason, one cannot expect that all people will achieve the optimal score, but some people perform better than others. Hence, the behavior of every human is not optimal compared to the maximal score or even the best performing human.   

Also, if we allow the same group of people to solve the task, it is unlikely that the same person will always perform best. Altogether, it does not make sense to make a computer behave like humans because most people do not perform optimally, regardless of what task we have given to them. 

 Second, let’s talk about Machine Learning Examples.

 Classical machine learning is dependent on human intervention for learning. Human thinking determines the features’ scale to understand the differences in the data inputs.  

For example, let’s say we have arranged a series of images of different types of bread used in “pizza,” “sandwich,” or “burger.” Human experts can classify the characteristics which distinguish each food based on the type of bread.   

Suppose you labeled each food picture with its name, then it can be easy for machine learning to determine the type of food to make some prediction from the data you have installed in.  

Moving towards … How AI and ML Infused in .NET Apps? 

ML .Net, and a Brief history about it 

ML .Net is a machine learning framework for .Net developers. Talking about the history, according to Microsoft research 12 years ago, it was for text or data mining in research that continued and developed into an internal framework called the learning code that has been used internally for ten years now. Also, many different Microsoft products power machine learning features that could use machine learning really easily in .net applications. 

In 2018 at the Big Build conference, the learning code was made the open-source, cross-platform a bit friendlier for external users, and it was the first public view of and  

In 2019 at Build, when it was the first GA release; was the time when tooling  came in front 

 .Net machine learning framework for .net developer 
 It’s open-source 
It’s cross-platform 
It’s meant to allow you to stay in the .net ecosystem- whether that’s c# or f# to develop custom machine learning models to integrate back into your .net applications.

AI Welcomed Every App.  

Artificial Intelligence has made a different world for itself. Every App is now equipped with AI. We generally know apps are built in other languages, for example, Java for Android and iOS, even for website apps. However, the developers are never restricted to working in a single language. Some developers have proficiency in Visual Basic; some have the ability in C++.   

So, how do developers build apps with various interests? .Net framework holds the solution to every question. .NET framework supports more than 45 languages under its canopy. 

Recently, Microsoft has upgraded its .NET Framework to COREdotNET. This version of the .NET Framework has inspired developers to work on an AI-enabled, excellent application. In addition, the Web part of the .Net framework, i.e., ASP.NET, now comes with the following features:  

 Open source provided Flexibility: The open-source nature permits developers to maintain the app’s function and simplify the source code. In addition, it boosts the adaptability of additional libraries and components that are required for application betterment. 

Cross-Platform Functionality: Mac, Windows, and Linux OS. ASP.NET services in various organizations allow users to incorporate one application, which can be run on multiple platforms. As of now, this part is available only in CORE.NET, not in the standard .NET Framework.

Support for independent Hosting: Its objective is to improve the application to run on different web servers other than the Internet Information Services. Since ASP.NET Core MVC supports cross-platform, it cannot keep any application dependent on the IIS server.

Support from Cloud Deployment: Due to the complex design of the system, cloud deployment got advanced support. The vast modularity and adaptability of ASP.NET help to create modern applications that are to be deployed on the cloud.

The difference between machine learning and AI is that machine learning represents one of the precursors to creating a narrow AI. Specifically, machine learning is the best and fastest way to create a narrow AI model to categorize data, detect fraud, recognize images, or make predictions (among other things). 

Although hyperbolic marketing has in many ways distorted the meaning behind machine learning and AI, the advantage of the co-modifying technology is that it’s now easier than ever to use and create machine learning models. 

What are Hyperbolic Marketing and its example? 

Do you know Starbucks follows hyperbolic discounting? It’s a type of free shipping deal. Suppose if you buy more than Rs 12000, you get free delivery. Another example is Zomato, if the buyer has only Rs 123 in their cart; they’re compelled to get a coupon discount if they add Rs 50 more. In other words, it’s a Psychological Bias to Sell More. 

Nowadays, experienced .NET developers still use various tools to infuse Artificial Intelligence into their applications. And now, with the inclusion of web applications in ASP.NET, the work has become easier with artificial intelligence and machine learning, provided you find reliable AI software development services. 

Let’s Sum Up 

ASP.NET has already made life easier for .net developers to develop smart applications by infusing Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning for other devices and the cloud. Any AI software development services can now pre-build the models for Xamarin with core Machine learning and cognitive services to generate their models using Azure Machine learning. 

Moreover, the AI application development services team can now develop cross-platform applications by executing powerful algorithms and using fewer codes lines. 

If you want to infuse AI and Machine learning into your applications, you can Hire ASP.NET developers in USA, an in-house team. At QServices, we have a dedicated team of AI software developers who have also worked on many offshore client projects. Since its inception in the year 2014. Feel free to Contact Us! 

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