5 Best LinkedIn B2B Marketing Strategies You Can Use Now

linkedin b2b marketing Strategy

With the increasing number of B2B approaches in the market, it’s essential to guide your target audience more about your company to spread awareness of your services and build trust. Thus, you should first create your business profile on LinkedIn, where you can highlight all of the essential details about your B2B company. In addition, people prefer to buy services from professional and experienced companies; thus, good B2B marketing communication involves building a balance between professionalism and humanization. 

Always Remember in B2B, you are dealing with professional people – they just represent businesses, so never post anything related to personal perspective. Friendly communication and the right marketing strategies can make your company stand out from the competition. Let’s know why and which LinkedIn marketing strategies from B2B are essential.  

Why is LinkedIn B2B Marketing Important?  

Well, over approx. 810 million monthly active users globally; that’s a pretty extensive network of professionals who go onto this platform looking for career growth and networking. Now for targeting purposes, with the help of LinkedIn, you’re able to reach your audience through different demographics such as region, age, and the ability to create custom audiences so you can scale just like Facebook ads have. But more specifically, what’s more, important is the precision B2B targeting, so you can go after a specific job title. You can go after seniority levels, so you can focus on   

  • Decision-maker   
  • Influencer of a buying decision  
  • The job function of a particular skill  

So, this is really where the bread and butter of the best social media services targeting have started. Now, what we see on LinkedIn is-  

Audience: Professionals of the industry you want to target 

Targeting: Demographics, Lookalikes, custom audiences, interests & traits.  

Precision Targeting for B2B: Job Title, Seniority, Company, Industry, Skills, Job Function.  

Account-Based Marketing   

Account-based marketing is about specific accounts that a business is trying to go after. We know most people think that Facebook ads for B2B are more effective, which might be because of the larger audience size on Facebook. On Facebook, there are over 2.7 million monthly active users, while LinkedIn has a less audience compared to Facebook. But here’s an example: if you went to LinkedIn ads and tried to target users in banking and finance on LinkedIn, you’d be able to reach approx. 6.2 million people. Based on the fact that when people go onto the LinkedIn platform, they self-report their titles and who they are working for. It’s their motive to share this information accurately. And if you go for Facebook ads, which cover Facebook and Instagram, there would be only 1.7 million people in the banking & finance category.  

 So, although there are more people on Facebook and Instagram, you will not be able to categorize the profile based on job title, industry, and so on. That’s why Instagram and Facebook are not as effective as LinkedIn.  

The pro tip here is that you can get one step closer to your lead generation goals, but don’t just do it from a prospecting perspective. Instead, you can also use them from a retargeting perspective later if they’ve already been to your website or you know they’re interested in your product or service. So, you could still stay on top of their minds by retargeting. So, we can consider LinkedIn as the best social media platform for professionals to get the desired results for their business.  

Effective LinkedIn Video Marketing 

LinkedIn video marketing has been proven useful and practical in stunning up the marketing industry. According to a social media survey, LinkedIn users watch video content approximately three times more than static content, and business page videos are five times more effective in generating leads. 

Video is a great form to communicate with other companies to show a company’s personality beyond a logo. It’s factual, letting the customer know about your services, how you interact with clients, and building trust. Rather than focusing on ROI, booming LinkedIn video marketing is about showing the value of your brand to a target audience. 

You can also schedule a live webinar for training. With viewers, you can provide useful information on your products and services. But keep in mind that your content should engage a real-time audience that can drive more engagement. 

Insight Tag 

After creating any campaign, analyzing it is a must. The Linkedin Insight tag will help you optimize your marketing campaigns by giving you valuable insights about your website visitors. Also, you can track conversions, retarget your website visitors, and get in-depth information about the audience or customers who interact with your ads. So add this snippet of JavaScript code to your website and unlock additional insights for the visitors. 

Creative Consistency  

The meaning of creative consistency is whatever the message, design, and feel of your ads on the platform look that should match the experience when you get to the landing page throughout the time. If there’s a significant disconnect between the ways your ads on the LinkedIn look and the landing page experience, that will negatively impact your conversion rates. And it’s not that difficult to optimize your content on the landing page and in ads, especially if you are working with a graphic designer or a UX UI designer.  

LinkedIn Outreach Strategy  

And this is where you are reaching out to the prospects and trying to connect for discussions. Before even getting into that, the first thing you have to recognize is that there are a lot of steps we have to take before even we get into this part. If you’re not doing the steps correctly, for example, you do not understand your customer, the decision-makers, and the messages you send, they’re not going to be very effective. The reason is given below:  

-You’re not messaging the right ideal customer.  

-You don’t have the right companies.  

-You don’t have the decision-maker.  

So obviously, if you get any of those three reasons, nobody will respond. So, make sure you review before you send your message.  

Wrapping Up  

This article shows that it’s all about connecting with the right audience and sharing values specifically with your connections. The LinkedIn platform can give wings to your company with B2B marketing strategies with its user-centric approach. LinkedIn is one of the best social media platforms when it comes to professionalism because it focuses on building meaningful connections. So, you have seen how you can follow an effective LinkedIn B2B Marketing strategy in USA. Once you have specified your target audience, you can focus on driving high-quality content.  

Valuable content also supports increasing followers on your company page. More followers exemplify the trustworthiness of your business. Consistency is key to better user engagement. If you are still facing problems in engagements, you can contact our Digital marketing experts to know more about LinkedIn strategy or to explore your own professional LinkedIn Id.   


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