Whitelabel Face Recognition and Attendance Software for On-Site Workforce

Cloud-check-in is an Intelligent cloud-based attendance management software that allows for real-time tracking and automated geofencing processing in a matter of minutes without needing user intervention.

⦁ Increase employee productivity
⦁ Enhance security
⦁ Reduce errors & admin cost
⦁ For unlimited employee

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Introducing CloudCheck-In- A white label facial recognition and attendance management software. It enables real-time tracking and automatically turns on geofencing features. Additionally, it offers clients and ends users a quick and safe experience.
Companies can set up specific zones using geofencing to collect user data. It includes dropping points on a map to create a shape that denotes a certain zone, typically a square, polygon, or circle.
It’s made to be scalable, as well as simple to use and maintain. CloudCheck-In Mobile lets you set up a variety of security measures, including collecting and saving photos of sign-ins and sign-outs, as well as geolocation work locations and sites.
The data on the app is real-time, and any data collected as part of the time and automatically detect location of employee synced with the customer management tools, allowing you to track the flow of employees around your company.

Cloud Check In

Do you have questions about white label software and how it may help your company?

White label software allows companies to completely customize it and rebrand it under their own name. The front-end customization and use rights are often granted by the developer for a predetermined period of time as aspect of a subscription.

Customers can present the product as their own by adding their own branding elements. The client may purchase the software, rebrand it, and sell it to another customer in specific situations, such as those involving agencies.

More than just Attendance Software

Engagement Model
Accurate Face Recognition

To recognize the face of a person with a mask on. However, a new cutting-edge tech has been presented in Cloudcheck-in, it is able to solve this problem in a very robust way.

Easy leave management

We made it super easy for anyone to apply for leave, including having their manager approve it right in the system. Managers can manage the staff's requests, reminders, and notifications automatically. The leave system is integrated with all the payroll systems, so it'll be easy to generate reports and make month-end calculations.

Selfie-Based Geofencing Technology
Selfie-Based Geofencing Technology

Geo-fencing technology allows you to set location-specific triggers. The staff has to check in from an approved location, eliminating the risk of time theft. It's a secure, mobile, simple, and cost-effective solution.

Case study Bone
Increase Staff Productivity

Communication & collaboration tool that conveys your teams together anytime, wherever you needed.

Cloud Check In
CloudCheck-In for remote workplace

An attendance management system is any solution that monitors an employee’s time spent in the office. Our team of developers thinks about how to develop such an app that runs accurately in remote working. They read necessary studies, and after that, they make a successful remote attendance management software cum app for employers and employees of a company that runs smoother in remote work.

CloudCheck-In is a real-time tracking in-built Face recognition and geofencing app.

Cloud Check In

Cleared Doubts: FAQs

Cloud check-in helps you view your operations holistically and identify opportunities for collaboration and optimization across the enterprises. In addition, it will help your employees to fill their check-ins and check-outs. 

Mobile app development helps businesses attract users, thus allowing the companies to generate new sales. Mobile app users with an attractive interface are inclined to attract more users to your business. 

Cloud check is a comprehensive app that allows for real-time tracking and automated payroll processing in a matter of minutes without the need for user intervention. Increase employee productivity, enhance security, Reduce errors & admin costs, etc. 

Cloud-Check-In is a productivity monitoring and team behavior analytics software. You can record working hours, get screenshots, and seek into the browser history and Application-history. Also, you can centralize employee attendance.

It gives the accurate employees working time and absence without any human error. Also, it arranges a payroll system so that company doesn’t miss any employee salary. This tool saves management time and reduces HR workload.

Keeping proper and exact attendance is important for both employees and the management team. It shows your work history and credibility at the office or workplace. In other words, an online system help maintains punctuality and keep a record of productivity without any human error.

You can easily identify loopholes in productivity. Cloud Check-In is a set of tools that help solve many business problems. The tool comes with a real-time dashboard to see which employees are available online and which project they are currently working.

No! We provide detailed timesheets for each of the remote team members and many other reports, including basic accounting reports, project details, payroll management, meeting scheduling, a record of improvement, and many more things.

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