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5 Common UX Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Website Ranking

5 common ux mistake
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Most talented and creative people of top UI UX design companies of Brampton usually put pictures of their visions and ideas in their minds. It’s easy for them to picture the overall look and feel of a design. Having a clear vision of how an interface should look is important before starting designing, but some of the best designers out there will still make mistakes if they break down their visions into a diagram, a user’s journey, or even a set of notes. This blog will show you five common UX mistakes designers make that can ruin website ranking. And you will also get to know how to avoid mistakes while mapping users and task flows.

Make mistakes you’re supposed to make so that you can explore more and grow from them. But we intend to help you avoid making the common ones.

So, what are those five common UX mistakes that sometimes best designers can make?

Let’s check out these five mistakes.Make mistakes you’re supposed to make so that you can explore more and grow from them. But we intend to help you avoid making the common ones.

Mistake #1 Using incorrect symbols

Task flows are generally just mapped out as squared boxes linked with one other in a sequence. It’s as simple as that. User flows, however, make use of a set of different symbols.That’s why top UI UX design company in Brampton use them correctly because user flows are used by more than just designers, engineers, and product managers and map out user flows. So, by using the correct universal set of symbols, you’ll speak the same language as everyone else.

Mistake #2 Not being user centric

Always put yourself in the shoes of the users. Start thinking about the problems they will face and how they could overcome the different uses of the problem in different ways. That’s important to consider when mapping out a user flow. Some questions you may want to ask are –

  • What’s the user trying to accomplish with this product?
  • What do they need to accomplish?
  • What’s their motivation?
  • How can the product help them accomplish this goal?
  • What could possibly hold them back?
Mistake #3 Missing entry points

In contrast to task flows, user flows have start and end points, this means that user could enter a website or app from different places. This creates a set of different expectations for the users. It’s therefore essential to distinguish users that reach a website through direct traffic vs. Someone who finds it through google search. Let’s see an example related to it step by step –

  1. Suppose you subscribe to a bunch of newsletters and get offers all the time.
  2. Those offers lead to certain pages of websites which in turn have an offer or a coupon attached to it.
  3. By reaching that website through that entry point you have completely different expectations than a user reaching the site from elsewhere.
Mistake #4 about the visuals

A top-notch ui ux design company in Brampton don’t spend too much time on the visual. Spending too much time can make things clumsy. Many designers try to outline everything in pure text first with a good set of notes and bullet points. Once you are done with that, you can move into visualizing it into the user flow diagram.

Outlining things helps to focus on the content first, which is the key focus of both user and a task flow.

Mistake #5 Poorly placed pop-ups

“Effective pop-ups know the right problems to focus on and the right reasons to bother users.”  Maximillian Piras (Product Designer)

Users enjoy getting various offers, notifications, and updates via various pop-ups after a few seconds as they land on your homepage. Unfortunately, rather than getting direct information, they deal with different navigation. And also deal with closing from many pop-up windows before they’ve even started their web journey.Not all pop-ups are bad, but be careful of poorly placed and proper designing’s of pop-ups and those that can’t be closed quickly. To design UX-friendly pop-ups, first decide how many pop ups you want to include and where you have to place. Try to stick with one per page and ensure that it doesn’t interrupt the UX by covering up the whole screen. Your pop-ups should also be simpleto read and quickly addressed in just one click, and properly placed.

Here comes the second talk:
Elements of user experience (UX) have been rolled into SEO of website ranking.

User experience is a user-centric experience that optimizes the user’s interaction with a site while avoiding various confusion. Well, UX design enables users to find the information they are interested in and benefits them. When users find the information quickly, they are more likely to keep engaging with content. This strategy is followed by approximately all top ui ux design company in Brampton. Thus, improving the user engagement metrics that Google’s algorithm implies in ranking websites. That’s why developers focus on creating an engaging UX. As a result, you’ll see improvements in search rankings and traffic. If you want to understand UX’s importance for website ranking, look at the following factors that Google considers when choosing links to rank on the first page.

  • Time on site
  • Pages per session
  • Bounce rate

These factors directly affect the user’s experience on a page.

UX + Bounce Rate

A poorly designed above-the-fold area is the most significant contributor to a high bounce rate. When users land on a page with search intent, they first notice the page. Is it relevant to the information they are searching for visible elements? Often, the decision takes less than a couple of seconds when they see UX design as attractive and engaging.

Time on Site

Now more than ever, site speed optimization is a significant ranking factor for Google, aiming to provide users with the best experience possible. As a result, Google Search and Google Ads will reward fast-loading websites with better rankings and, in turn, faster loading sites. Thus, leading to higher conversions.

Tools like Google GTMetrix and Page Speed Insights are a massive asset and suggested by many top UI UX design company in Brampton for any SEO toolbox. You can find vital technical insights and actionable recommendations, such as minifying HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. These site speed tools help UX designers to perform better for SEO and your site’s users.

Pages Per Session

UX design elements, such as layouts and content formatting can ruin SEO. In addition, some aesthetically pleasing touches, such as perfectly font size headers and interactive features, aren’t always considered SEO friendly.
Creating the perfect combination of on-page SEO with layout formatting can complement each other’s success. You can try making the following points: –

  • Work on content that is easy to digest, such as making small blocks of text, bulleted points, and organizing headers (h1, h2, h3, so on)
  • Use suitable images and explicit videos wherever possible. These are not only about engaging users, but they also help optimize SEO.
  • Place calls to action throughout the page at the end. Or specially placed buttons.
Summing Up

Hope you better understand how SEO depends on better and well-designed UX design and vice versa. Organic search optimization can also drive traffic to your site. The fact is, those visitors quickly leave if they don’t find the user experience interactive. This can increase the bounce rate of the website. So, UX provides engagement elements backed by search engine algorithms that can improve or ruin your website rankings.

SEO plus UX are two fundamental components of website ranking. When utilized together, they become something more effective than the sum of their parts. The combination can boost your website ranking and provide remarkable user experience.

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