Why is Flutter Overtaking React Native in Terms of Popularity?

why flutter overtaking react native

Are you trying to choose between Flutter and React Native? Discover what differences they have and what their functionalities are. The usage of mobile apps worldwide has increased due to the development of technology. Today, there are more than 3.6 mobile users around the world. While the numbers keep increasing, designing and developing mobile applications has become more complicated and time-consuming. However, two hybrid frameworks have made the process simple. The battle of Flutter vs React Native is on since both tools’ popularity keeps rising. However, Flutter seems to be taking over the platform of React Native when it comes to popularity. Yes, more and more people are on the lookout for dedicated flutter app developers in the first place. So, what is the reason behind the popularity of Flutter? In this article, we will get some details on that aspect in the best way.  

Choosing Between Flutter and React Native: Important Details 

More than 42% of developers tend to choose React Native for creating mobile applications in 2020, and 39% use Flutter. However, these numbers have changed in the last few years, and Flutter is seemingly overtaking the users of React Native for sure. Flutter has nearly 2 million users worldwide, with 500,000 monthly users. The numbers are impressive. Today about 92% of users are choosing mobile apps over web browsers, and with that, the rule of mobile app building tools has officially begun. So, when choosing between these two mobile app development tools, it is important to know everything from their performance and functionality to other important features. Here we will have a detailed discussion about the important features of Flutter and React Native to see why Flutter seems to be a better option for app developers on the mobile platform.  

An Introduction to Flutter  

Flutter is one of the most popular hybrid mobile app development platforms developed entirely by Google. This cross-platform app development framework was released in May 2017 and has resulted in the development of mobile applications worldwide. When we compared the stats of React Native and Flutter amongst developers, the users of Flutter are considerably growing. Some major regions, such as Jordan, Bangladesh, Japan, China, and Kenya, use this framework to develop applications. Compared to the stats of 2020, where only 30% of users chose Flutter for app development, 2021 saw a huge jump in Flutter users to about 39%.  

So, what about Flutter makes it so popular amongst users? Firstly, the Flutter framework uses a singular codebase to create cross-platform mobile applications. Hence, users don’t have to create separate apps for mobile, desktop, and web browsers. With Flutter, there is a single tool for efficient app development.  

An Introduction to React Native  

Arriving at the next popular tool millions of followers have used worldwide, we have React Native. This popular cross-platform app development framework is one of the most frequently-used tools worldwide. Created and developed by the engineers on Facebook, React Native has made app development incredibly easy for developers worldwide. Apps such as Uber Eats, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Walmart, Tesla, and much more have been developed using the framework of React Native.  

The numbers say it all, as the popularity of React Native is growing day by day. More developers over the world are recognizing the potential that React Native has and hence are preferring this tool to others. React Native has its foundation in the ReactJS framework. It uses the primary JavaScript model to create apps that fit both iOS and Android devices. Just like Flutter, React Native creates these applications using only one codebase. Today, the community of React Native users is constantly increasing, which makes it the most popular and sought-after tool for cross-platform mobile application development. 

Flutter Vs. React Native Comparison: Which Is The Best For Cross-Platform App Development in 2022? 

Flutter Vs. React Native: Popularity

When it comes to the popularity of the frameworks, there is no doubt that the decision is going to be a tough one for sure. According to the data from Google Trends, about 61% of the developers are currently interested in using the framework of Flutter. However, there are a lot of dedicated developers using the platform React Native. Hence, it is considered to be one of the most popular frameworks for development in the first place. Both frameworks tend to have the same amount of popularity when discussing cross-platform development of applications. Since both frameworks are relatively young and have a large community, one can choose either when it comes to the ruling option.  

A Detailed Comparison  

React Native was launched in 2015, and the Flutter framework was introduced in 2018. So, React Native has a larger community for developers. However, Flutter, being the new player, has managed to gather many followers. It is due to this reason that Flutter deserves the point in this discussion. Also, Flutter is the framework that Google supports; hence, it can be said without a doubt that it will soon overtake the React Native framework. Flutter is widely used in Kenya, Bangladesh, China, Jordan, Japan, etc.  

Flutter Vs. React Native: Programming Language

React Native is one of the frameworks considered to be the most familiar in the community. The framework is based on JavaScript, which is incredibly popular. On the other hand, Flutter is a framework based on Google’s in-house language. This is one of the main reasons why it is the perfect option to choose when trying to begin app development. If you want to hire dedicated flutter developers in India, there is no doubt that you will have no problem finding the right options

A Detailed Comparison  

In case you are hiring a proper mobile app development company, it is most important to ensure that you properly understand the proficiency and expertise of the team with the programming languages. Since React Native has already been mentioned in JavaScript, for most developers, it is a preferred option for sure. However, Flutter uses the Dart framework and is an object-oriented programming language. In addition to that, we all know that JavaScript has been instrumental in providing solutions for modern-day app developments. Hence, it is the default language for developers. On the other hand, Dart is pretty expressive and the safer option for beginners. That is why it is widely used to create web, mobile, and desktop applications in the best way.  

Flutter Vs. React Native: Learning Curve

It is also important for the developers to understand how much time they will have to give to learn a new language for programming and coding. It has been denoted that Flutter is a relatively new language for developers. Hence, there are some additional learning efforts that people will have to make if they want to get familiarized with this particular language. However, as per the developers community, React Native continues to be one of the easiest languages to learn since it has been around for a very long period. So, most developers choose this language for the development of applications.  

A Detailed Comparison  

On the other hand, Flutter uses the particular Dart framework, which is comparatively new, but that doesnt mean it will be more difficult to learn. The developers will only have to extend the capabilities to learn the Dart framework properly. That doesnt stop Flutter from being one of the most popular programming languages in the world.  

Flutter Vs. React Native: Productivity

The approaches might differ when we talk about the productivity the frameworks offer. For example, both React Native and Flutter tend to have technologies that are pretty easy to code and have some hot reload features as well. However, the configuration and installation process is different in the case of both technologies. Hence, the developers need to gain a better understanding of that aspect. 

Hot Reloading Support 

The feature of hot reloading is an incredibly important option for app developers, allowing users to make certain changes in the backend instantly. Not to mention that the alterations made in the back end are reflected in the codes at the moment, and they don’t even have to save the file. React Native and Flutter support this amazing feature, thus making the app development and coding process more efficient for the users.  

Installation and Configuration: 

Flutter is considered to be an advanced software development tool that the developers will easily be able to install, and it can also be run to properly check internal issues. The developers will just have to follow a few simple steps, and they can efficiently get started with the programming language. On the other hand, React Native is also easy to install, but it leads to the creation of a package. Hence, in this category, Flutter seems to take the win

Code Structure 

The structure of coding practiced in both programming languages can be pretty different. For example, Flutter uses the Dart framework, which is sufficient to customize any application’s proper UI layout. Thus, the developers will easily be able to create platforms while the widgets can be reused in the best way. However, React Native is very similar to JavaScript as it allows the developers to effectively penetrate the codes that have been executed as per the demand of the app development modules.  

Flutter Vs. React Native: Performance

Talking about the analysis of the performance provided by both these frameworks, it can be said that Flutter is the one that is faster in coding compared to React Native. Therefore, when investing in different app development solutions, one of the first things you need to analyze would be the app performance created by the framework. There is no doubt that React Native tends to be a power-packed language. However, it can be a bit slower than Flutter. That is one of the main reasons why you need to hirededicated flutter app developers.  

A Detailed Comparison  

React Native is a framework that is made using JavaScript and Native languages. Hence, for the performance of this particular network, the developers will have to combine some extra interactions along with native ones that exist. These interactions include touch events, notifications, and much more. However, in the case of Flutter, there is no need for the combination of different OS components to have faster and smoother performance. Flutter, with the help of the Dart programming language and C++ features, will ensure a performance boost that will surely be impressive. Not to mention that it will provide an amazing user experience.  

Reasons Why Flutter is Overtaking React Native in 2022 

So, the question remains whether you should be looking for a React Native app development companyor if you should go with Flutter. Well, here we will provide answers to any questions you might have. When it comes to Flutter, there are some additional advantages that the users are provided with. In this section, we are going to discuss these advantages in detail for sure.  

Client Interface (UI) 

Flutter uses Cupertino and Material Design to construct the gadget, providing an expressive and adaptable UI. This can empower the developers to properly and efficiently deliver the UI on both the Android as well as iOS platforms with the help of quick prototyping.  


In the case of Android and iOS, the Flutter framework is ordered into the particular native ARM code. Hence, the execution issues are additionally alleviated. Moreover, with the help of Flutter, the developers can use a proper single code base. Hence, it can help bind the groups together and diminish all the risks. Not to mention that it also paces the time to showcase. Therefore, the developers can enjoy all these benefits while enjoying the proficiency and development experience with Flutter.  

Incredible Performance 

As we have mentioned before, Flutter has set up incredible standards when it comes to performance. With the help of Flutter, designers can create amazing and hearty applications, and that too at conceivable times. Apart from that, Flutter can also help make the most suitable MVP options by utilizing different features, such as Hot Reload, which is instrumental in providing application support. With such features, the developers can easily eliminate bugs or fix mistakes without taking the entire application off the market. Thus, Flutter helps increase the application’s general usefulness best.  

Quicker Time to Market 

Contrary to conventional programming methods, Flutter uses the Dart framework, an object-oriented and easy-to-learn programming language that offers proper and streamlined app development. With the help of transparent and smooth language structure and important coding modules, app development companies can set aside some effort to create amazing mobile applications. This will give them a better opportunity to market their applications in the best and most helpful manner.  

Community Support  

It has already been mentioned that Flutter has managed to gather a lot of community support from developers all over the world. Considering that it has been in the world for a lot less time than React Native, the improvements made by Flutter are truly commendable. With further advancements in technology, there is a chance that Flutter will be able to surpass the user count of React Native.  

Will Flutter Replace React Native Successfully? 

There is no doubt that React Native is still one of the most important frameworks to be used by app developers around the world. That is why developers are still looking for the best React Native development services. However, regarding the expanding community and popularity, Flutter is certainly not behind.  

Consistent and considerable improvements are being made in the Flutter environment. Hence, this framework is refining the tools and attracting many companies. So, it will not be an understatement to say that Flutter’s future is bright. Since the supporters of React Native are constantly putting in efforts to improve the platform, there might be some time before Flutter completely overtakes React Native 

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