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One of the most significant challenges IT sectors face is getting certified software recruiting firms. So we welcome you to connect with our qualified software developers and get solutions to build safe & dynamic cloud based solutions and mobile applications.

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You can save 10% to 15% of costs if you hire offshore developers from Qservices. You may calculate your estimated cost by visiting the QServices Price Calculator

To successfully hire offshore developers, you should have to pitch us on call, you must move forward through the proper procedure. As the maestros in building and hiring offshore teams, we believe that we’ve come closer than anyone else to mastering the technique. Hiring offshore developers include; 

  • Define your requirement clearly, 
  • Set up a meeting with us,  
  • Make necessary procedures such as hiring, documentation, etc., 
  • Selection of appropriate pricing policy. 


QServices is a well-known Software development outsourcing company for its exceptional support and services such as task management, project tracking, dedicated QA, dedicated project manager, free support, etc. 

Communicating effectively is perhaps the most crucial part of mutual understanding. A team of QServices usually uses MS team, Skype, etc. Also, we’re ready to adopt any other communication platforms according to your preference. 

On average, hiring an offshore software development team from QServices takes approximately of your 30 minutes to 60 minutes 

It would be easy iyou’re going to hire professionals of QServices as we immediately trying to connect with you. However, as technology evolves and the world becomes more interconnected, access to global talent is progressively evolving as a primary motivation for outsourcing software development. 

No, there is no other cost involved after the completion of hiring. We’re working on three engagement models such as; 

  • Fixed price model,  
  • Hourly pricing model, 
  • Hire a dedicated developer pricing model,  

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