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Here goes the list of technical FAQs which we are frequently asked by any individual.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

We have witnessed that most of our clients seek professional mobile app development solutions with similar questions. So, to answer their questions, we’ve to put together a list of often asked questions answered by our experienced professionals.

Software development and outsourcing are processes when an organization contracts a third party to develop custom software solutions. First, you can call or ping us upon email and provide detail regarding your requirement, and then we provide a team of dedicated developers with a dedicated project manager. 

No, there is no other hidden cost involved in your project after finalizing the deal. Therefore, you don't have to worry about extra costing after the billing process. 

Our developers work upon Agile, Jira, DevOps, and GitHub to provide proper updates and build to clients. 

On average, hiring an offshore software development team from QServices takes approximately of your 30 minutes to 60 minutes.

Our developers use Agile, Spiral, Jira, Scrum Development Methodologies to develop any software and application, and it enables more excellent tractability within the modeling approach.

We offer software maintenance, upgrading services, and up-gradation services that help you and your customers at critical times. Optimize your business implementation and workflow by utilizing our services.


Yes, we’re the best fit for any project as we have a team of professional developers who are experienced in multiple platforms.

Yes, our team of developers is fluent in speaking good English. Therefore, you can easily coordinate with them and make necessary dealing without hassle. 

We have a team of experienced developers who carry almost 7+ years of experience. They have lots of experience developing such projects in multiple development styles. That is why you can trust our quality assurance in software development. 

Well, we don't have any unsatisfied past clients. So we don't think that you're getting unsatisfied with our services. But, still, if you're feeling unsatisfied at any point. You can call or email us!   

Well, our marketing will respond to your query within 24 hours. So, be patient and calm; our team will get back to you! 

Yes, there is a project manager to supervise the resources to clients. And the project manager is responsible for all supervision. 

You can pay over PayPal, electronic bank transfer, or any other mutual preferable payment method while dealing with us! 

Yes, we can take care of any updates on the existing website. We can update the existing website as another web firm built. 

We provide outsourced IT services for small and large-scale businesses

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