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3 Ingredients in your Quality Content to Win Your Customer's Trust

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Everyone can write, but not everyone is a writer. Writing takes passion, energy, and time. Writing is an art, and to make art beautiful, we have to polish that skill regularly. Many people are venturing into content writing and feel very skeptical about getting into B2B content because they feel like “I don’t have an engineering background or software background.” 

Yes, having a technical background is an advantage, but explaining that knowledge through writing is more important. For example, you can get technical knowledge after reading a book, but if you don’t know how to write appropriately with meaning, then it’s useless. So being an outsider or from a non-technical background and knowing writing is preferable. Always remember to carry the essential tool of content, which is TRUST.  

“A firm belief in reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something – Webster’s Dictionary.”  

If you ask any successful brand what’s the most crucial element for consumers, the answer will be TRUST because trust helps firms to sell their products. And it’s the only ideal tool used by consumers to evaluate you, your brand, and your product. Before building a relationship with a customer, you must first be ready with your services and product to show yourself. Nowadays, many businesses are available on the Internet, and every day new projects seem to come up. This blog will talk about content writing and how to win your clients with content marketing. So, let’s start the blog. 

 Ingredients of Quality Content 

Building trust brings so many benefits to a business. For example, have you ever seen your email inbox? When you open your emails, you will only respond to those companies where you find some interesting information, while others you delete or unread.  

So, write content through which your customers show more responsiveness to open and read your emails, be more loyal to your brand, and are more likely to buy. 

How to create content that people show interest in reading and sharing with others? Most resources examined by experts are while preparing for content. They advise you to “CREATE GREAT CONTENT” and call it a day. But, what does it mean “to create great content?.” Isn’t the content you create great already? And how do you know it’s not? So, this article contains the top three ingredients that will make your content outstanding and will surely win your customer’s trust. Here they are:   


Let’s see them in detail one by one. 


In all honesty, there’s no shortage of advice on improving the quality of your content. So well, here is a brief explanation of the things that surely you will be well familiar with. Here they are 

Content Writers Need More Practice 

Writing is a skill that almost anyone can learn and master but with regular practice. Think of playing the guitar. When you first try it, you surely can produce some sound, but it can hardly be called music.   

But then you learn some chords, how to pick strings and so on. And after some time, your friend asks you to take the guitar and play music for them. Same with writing, at first, it will be very clumsy and tough to read, but after some learning and practice, people will start loving your articles. Luckily, there is no shortage of advice on “how to improve your writing.” Just start learning as soon as possible. The next thing you do to ramp up the quality of content is “Alignment of the content”. 

 Alignment of Content 

It is a well-studied fact that most people will exit the article before reading it, which will help them evaluate if it is worth reading. If your article doesn’t look good, people are unlikely to invest their time in reading it. Here are the things that make your content visually appealing.   

  • Redesign your blog  
  • Quality images  
  • Short paragraphs  
  • Subheadings  
  • Quotes   
  • Lists  
  • All sorts of formatting tricks  

All these things make your article pleasing to the human eye and transmit a message to your blog visitors that the article’s author invested quite some time to ensure a pleasant reading experience. Let’s move on the last but not the least. You need to craft a catchy eye headline.   

 Eye-Catchy Headlines

Headlines are a crucial part of your entire article that people will see on Twitter, Facebook, Google, and your blog’s homepage. This means you only have about a dozen words to persuade people that your article is worth their attention and to build B2b Content Marketing Strategy. Writing headlines that lure people into your content is both art and science. There are many ready-made headlines and templates that you can try using and many physiological tricks that will educate you to create your attention-grabbing headlines. In addition to this, brainstorm the least five different headlines for every article or blog you write. If you won’t invest the time and effort, then come up with just five headline variations to choose from. If you dont do this, then your entire content is almost guaranteed to flop, no matter how good it is.   

In the words of Andrew Chen from Uber, “Titles are often written as a vague pre-thought, but in fact, it’s the most important creative decision you’ll make.”   

Thus, wrapping up a brief on ramping up the quality of your content marketing strategy. But, in all honesty, all these three points are just a proxy to the actual idea behind your content. This brings us to the second ingredient of great content uniqueness. 


An upsetting trend in blogging and content marketing is when you go after some keywords. So many people research everything already been published and then try to squeeze it all into their single article.   

But this way, you’re only creating a clone of existing content and not adding any extra value. And if it’s a clone, it doesn’t deserve more attention than the original. So with this approach, you’re immediately putting yourself one step back from your competition. Furthermore, it has to be unique if you want to stand out with your content. So how to create unique content?  

Well, you still have to research everything that has already been published on the topic. But then you don’t create a clone. Instead, you create something that would be different from what’s already there.   

Say something that hasn’t been saying before, which is rather hard to do, as it requires you to be at the forefront of your industry. These people are called thought leaders. And most likely, you’re not one of them just yet. So another option is to find a new angle, which would be somewhat different from the conventional opinion on that topic. But only if you have good arguments to make your point. And finally, if the above is not an option, you might simply try to explain the topic better. You might not be the thought leader of your industry, but you might be a great writer or storyteller. If you invest enough time into finding better arguments, better proof, and better examples. , you do have a chance to outperform the original piece on that subject. And now here goes the last ingredient of great content: Authority.   

Meaning and Informative

To say something entirely new and unique, you have to be at the forefront of your industry. For example, let’s say you do a few weeks of research and write a fantastic article on the colonization of Mars. Would anyone read your article on that topic? Or would you prefer to learn about the colonization of Mars from someone with more information on the subject?  

 Like Elon Musk, for example, if you go to YouTube and search for his talks on that subject, you’ll see that they get millions of views. That’s because Elon’s content shows more meaning with updated information on the colonization of Mars. From here, you can see that the audience seeks informative content.   

And now you will be thinking, does this example have any concern with the content writing? Of course, if your content is valuable to audiences, they will love it. And thus, it can reduce the bounce rate of your website or blog. But, on the other hand, if you provide quality content to the users, Google will consider you as a credible company or a person who is providing complete meaningful information.

Wrapping Up 

But what if you’re not Elon Musk of your industry? Does that mean you’re doomed to oblivion? Not at all.    

There is a simple trick that writers have been using for ages. If you are not the right person to talk to about a certain subject, find the best person and interview them. So, make sure that whatever industry you’re ink about, the Content Marketer should come up with eye-catching headlines for your brand. This is one of the core duties of their professionto find credible sources and use them in their writing.  If you want a great content writer, you can hire QServices as your content writer. 

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