Why International Companies Prefer Indian App Developer?

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For premier technology, India is always the first choice for App Developers. According to the PPI radically pragmatic magazine survey, India will soon be the most prominent IT service provider after the US by 2024. More than 500 million Smartphone users are Indians. India is the leading country for mobile app downloads. 

An app developer is the money generator of any organization or business. And you can see a hub of Indian android app developers’ suppliers from every corner of the world that enhances the industry through their services. So, let’s conclude why international companies prefer Indian App developers.

India – an ocean of App Developers

When we think about hiring a technical project team, the mind strikes towards INDIA. Why? 

The world’s most skilled app developers with quality costs are India harbors. About 79.99% of US companies outsourcing destination is India for mobile app developers. The National Association of Software & Service Companies (NASSCOM) stated almost half of all US companies had chosen Indian android app developers.  

It means the workforce presently in India is twice the population of the USA. India has shown marvelous growth in mobile app development. But what benefits do these companies get from Indian mobile app developers? India- Best Investment 

If you look at the IT act 2000, India is considered to be one of the best destinations for investment. The Indian government supports foreign equity and provides the best IT infrastructure. So additionally, foreign investments can save their tax. As you have seen Indian government started showing interest in IT sectors also. Therefore, Info-Tech parks have the best technologies and infrastructures 

Technical Support 

Have you ever noticed the working procedure of the Silicon Valley employees, the Centre of technological innovation in the South San Francisco Bay Area of California? Mostly all work as individuals means a particular person has a specific skill. But India is famous for full-stack developers, and they work on both front and back-end applications.  

Indian full-stack developers work on all the layers like designing, graphics, UI/UX, front-end dev., back-end dev., database dev., quality analysis, business analysis, project manager. Assume that a California company is hiring a graphic designer for $100, but they can hire an Indian full-stack developer at the exact cost. So that’s the main reason for hiring Indians. Under the exact price, they can get all technical support.  

24*7 Availability  

Indian app developers work in rotational shifts. Most companies have two rotational shifts, and some have three rotational shifts. Thus 24/7 support is offered by an Indian app developer company. India is famous for its multitasking management. Therefore, working in every creative zone and smooth workflow makes the Indian Developers team popular.  

Not only is this, but Indians are also well versed on almost all platforms. Many professionals and youngsters’ depth knowledge and logical reasoning have given the unique app to the modern world. And the result showed a smooth understanding for the end-users. 

Let’s see how Indian App developers are designing world-creative apps

Indians’ creative minds always try to boost the little-known app to produce global hits app. So, let’s see the silver linings of Indian app developers. 

Rohit Bhat, age 40- Karnataka, India, founder of Robosoft, has built 2000+ apps to date. He was inspired by conglomerates such as Samsung and Sony. However, Rohit Bhat blows one’s own trumpet working with his first clients like Apple. And his products Prison Mayhem and words worth is counted in top mobile apps millionaires. Their passion and idea keep him advancing in this fast-moving developing world. 

No rocket science behind every success 

Do you know, no zoom function was installed when launched 1st iPhone? A small idea of creating digital zoom for the camera gave the biggest hit. After 15 million downloads were recorded by ROBSOFT. So, it was just a creative idea that boosted Indian mobile app developers into new technology.  

Mr Vishal Gondal, CEO of Indiagames. He is a famous gaming app developer. His company works on gaming app for iOs, Android, and Ovi. As we all know Angry Birds game was a mega success. This app shows the tricks, and new versions keep this app fresh. 

Indian app developer 2

As we have seen, Indian mobile app developer loves to challenge themselves. They work on new experiments and overcome tricky, creative ideas. We have Indian app developers spread all over the country.

There are numerous Indian App Developers whose logical reasoning in App Developing gave Spot light to India. 

Creative designing is not about flairs of color and random effects. “One of the challenging tasks is to fit the frame of the screen size of a phone” Indians are experts in this. Starting from menus to main functions, Indian app developers ease the customization, which is also a part of app designing. And also, easy to operate with a single hand. These tiny things and observations matter. 

On the one hand, Google and Apple share 75% of an app’s revenue with Indian App developers. On the other, Indian App developers demand as much as 85% of the profit. But, do you know, there is another main reason why international clients hire Indian App Developers. It’s because of cheap labour costs. California’s central technical hub is in Silicon Valley. A quick poll survey shows that Indian App developers provide quality work on the cheap coast.  

Wrapping Up 

You will be thinking other Asian countries also provide cheap-cost services, but why do Indians get preferences? The answer is Indian’s intelligence and analytic logical reasoning. Yes, you can see how Indians are expanding and ruling on technologies. You will be thinking other Asian countries also provide cheap coast services, but why do Indians get preferences? The answer is Indians’ intelligence and analytic logical reasoning. Yes, you can see how Indians are expanding and ruling on technologies. Here are some powerful Indian-origin leading big monster tech companies:  


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