Please go through the terms and conditions carefully before using our assistance. It’s a legal agreement between you and QServices. By using these services, the clients agree to accept the following terms. Therefore, you must ensure that you have carefully read, understood, and approved these terms. Please do not use this website if you do not agree with these terms.  

 Acceptance of Terms  

QServices provides online services to their offshore clients. The client should not have had identical sites, copied content, pages, and doorway pages. It’s suggested to the client that changed links or requested links are not allowed with link farms, as these links are responsible for harming the website Google’s ranking. We will give you 95% assurance for any result on any search engine.  

 Modifications of Agreement  

QServices has the right to amend, revise and alter these terms and conditions. Any modifications made by the QServices are useful after posting on the website. In addition, if the client creates any changes to the boosted pages formed by our team or does not implement the changes suggested by us, the given confirmation will be withdrawn immediately.  

 User Legality  

Our services at QServices are only available to individuals who are above 18 years of age and can form a legal contract that is binding under the appropriate law in their country of origin. This ensures that we adhere to legal requirements and provide our services to those who are capable of entering into a contractual agreement. We prioritize legal compliance in our operations, and as a responsible service provider, we seek to ensure that our clients are qualified to receive our services. By setting this requirement, we aim to provide our services to those who can fully understand the legal obligations and responsibilities that come with contracting with us.


We have the right to modify our website content without any prior notification. We may discontinue our website without informing you. It does not authorize users to reuse and copy the content posted on our website without any written consent from QServices INC. We reserve the right to refuse any User’s capability to reuse content provided on QServices INC for any reason.  

 Our Services  

Our services, including Online Marketing, Web Development, and Mobile App Development, come with specific terms and conditions that we provide to clients before starting any work. Each benefit we provide is subject to the Term of Use for the duration of the service delivered by our team. The Terms of Use outlines the scope of the service, the responsibilities of the client and QServices, payment terms, and any applicable warranty or guarantee. We aim to ensure that all clients have a clear understanding of the service they will receive, including any limitations, obligations, or requirements. This approach helps to minimize misunderstandings and disputes and promotes a transparent and mutually beneficial relationship with our clients.

 Loss of Service  

The Company is not answerable for any loss or files unavailability. Damage of data, tools misuse by another party, failure of any communication devices, etc., and other services considered beyond the Company’s control.  

 Manual/Automatic Renewal  

Mainly we charge clients monthly / quarterly/ yearly via Paypal and other third-party payment gateways. It purely depends upon the conditions of the project. Bills are payable same day or within a few days business days from the date of the invoice. According to all signed deals, users are responsible for all payments incurred using services provided by QServices. 


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