Optrax is a mobile application that tracks employee activity based on their location. It allows employees and site managers to create and log in to accounts using credentials created through the back office.


The product has good features and is easy to use.


Geofencing is a technology that allows mobile apps to use a user’s location to trigger marketing or engagement activities when they enter, leave, or remain within certain predefined geographic areas called geofences. This helps marketers to gather location-based information and engage with users more effectively.

a. With geofencing, the application will track an employee’s location and only allow them to check in when they are on the site location.

b. If the user is not at the site location, the application will not allow them to check in and will display a message saying they are not within the site’s reach.


This application will capture the user’s time on site and use it to track their attendance record.

A timesheet is a record that keeps track of how much time an employee spends on various jobs or projects over a given period of time. Our clients frequently prefer the straightforward hourly cost based on resource skills when the scope and budgets are not completely determined. Working with Time-and-Materials allows for greater flexibility. This model gives our clients the freedom to alter the scope, technology, and timing in accordance with the demands of the market. The key benefit for clients is that the contractor’s workflow may be easily affected and adjusted by their changing requirements.

Face Recognition

Facial recognition technology can identify and match a human face from a digital image or video frame by analyzing and measuring specific facial features. It is often used for authentication and ID verification purposes.

a. The application will use face recognition to allow users to check-in.

b. If the user’s face is not matched, the application will register that the user attempted to log in but failed in the admin panel.

c. With face recognition, no one can check in on someone else’s behalf, as the technology can match facial features from a given image.

Project Journey

The application provides real-time push notifications to notify users that they are being tracked when they enter the marked area. It also uses facial recognition to ensure that no other user can log in with their face to another user’s account. This enhances security and prevents unauthorized access.

Tech Stack

The technology stack used in this application includes the following:

.Net for both backend and frontend

Xamarin for mobile application

SQL Server for the database management

Azure Cloud for hosting and deployment of the application.

Client Pain Points

It is difficult to determine their pain points without specific information on a particular client. However, some common pain points for clients that may be addressed by an employee tracking application could include the following:

Difficulty in tracking employee activities and location in real-time

Time-consuming manual attendance tracking processes

Inaccurate or incomplete attendance data

Inefficient and manual communication with employees and site managers

Security concerns around employee location and activity tracking

Difficulty in ensuring compliance with labor laws and regulations

Inefficient and manual communication with employees and site managers

An employee tracking application can help alleviate these pain points and provide solutions for effective tracking, management, and communication with employees.

An employee tracking application that uses geofencing technology and provides real-time location tracking can help the client track worker presence in the field. Additionally, the facial recognition feature can automate the attendance tracking process. The application can also provide an automated leave management system, which can help the client manage employee leaves more effectively. Finally, the application can help increase staff productivity by providing real-time updates on worker location and activity, enabling site managers to better manage and allocate resources.

Challenges / Problems Faced

The two challenges identified are:

Location services on iOS

It can be challenging to fetch GPS points from an application’s foreground and background, as iOS has limitations in place to stop or cancel the application for battery optimization. This can make it difficult to track employee location and impact the application’s overall effectiveness.

Registering the same face with multiple accounts 

can be a security concern, as it can allow unauthorized users to gain access to sensitive information. To avoid this, the application can fetch a GUID and faceID record to ensure that each user is only registered once and that no one can use someone else’s face to access the application.


Emerging technologies make it common to face challenges and issues during the development process. Still, with continuous improvements and advancements, it’s possible to overcome these challenges and enhance the performance and reliability of the application. Therefore, it’s important to stay updated and use the latest technologies to provide the best possible solutions to clients.


Employee tracking applications computerized the attendance system and provided a useful feature to manage attendance in cases with no network connection. This feature enabled employees to mark their attendance even in areas with poor network coverage or no internet connectivity. The application ensured that no attendance records were lost, even during a network outage, by syncing the attendance data locally on the device. Once the user reaches the connectivity area, the attendance data is automatically synced with the database, providing a seamless and reliable attendance tracking solution. This shows that the application was designed to handle real-world scenarios and was focused on providing a user-friendly and effective solution for the client’s needs.

Cleared Doubts: FAQs

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