Innovative Approaches to Improve Your Mobile App Development

mobile app development approaches

As a developer, you must ask yourself; which mobile app development approach will benefit you? The most obvious answer is; it depends upon the project; otherwise, most custom mobile application development companies believe native development is the best.

But, the truth is that the most effective mobile development approach is the one that can fulfill all the requirements and optimize and reduce the development time and the production cost of the application you desire.

The mobile app development processes would sometimes be daunting. Your bucket list of requirements may include convenience and the ability to apply changes easily that correspond to your business requirements and market demands. You then have to think twice about how to reach and engage more audience. Ultimately, you need to decide on a few technical factors such as operating systems, development tools, SDKs, etc.

This article highlights the different mobile app development approaches suggested by a native mobile app development company and guides you on the most accurate ways to develop the applications based upon your requirement.

Native App Development

Native app development uses platform-specific programming languages, software development kits, and development environments offered by the OS providers. In other words, if you are thinking of building an app for iOS and Android, this application will have developed individually for each platform using completely different technology stacks.

This approach has numerous benefits, and it remains one of the most preferable by mobile app developers. Initially, all the native app supports all available features of the platform and compatible devices. Then, you can initiate your app development through a custom mobile application development company.

Advantages of Native App Development Approach 

– Overall, native apps have the best performance

– Platform-specific UI implementation

– 100% support of OS features

– Clear app update path and supported toolset

– Native apps are highly reliable, secure, and responsive

– Total access to hardware-related features

Cross-platform App Development

As the name implies, a cross-platform mobile application can run on multiple systems. The cross-platform strategy is a suitable alternative to native development because it eliminates the need to design different apps for each mobile device. In other words, this notion enables the simultaneous delivery of apps across many platforms using languages and tools other than Google and Apple’s native toolsets.

Developers who take this approach employ JavaScript or.NET/C#-based cross-platform frameworks and tools. As a result, if you choose a cross-platform strategy – whether for an iOS, Android, or Web app – you only need one team with the same expertise across all platforms. Furthermore, you can do it without sacrificing team size or timetable if you need to release all of your apps at once.

Today’s most popular cross-platform solutions have large user groups and constantly evolve. As a result, they will unavoidably lag behind mobile OS changes, posing a greater danger of a muddled upgrade path or a substantial code rewrite.

Advantages of Cross-Platform Development Approach 

– Uniformity across all platforms

– Effective for budget control or low funding

– High demographic coverage

– Fast time to market

– Implementation is easy

– Publishing can be at once for all platforms

The source code can be reusable

Hybrid App Development

Hybrid app development is defined as a form of cross-platform. In such a development approach, the application core is developed using standard web technologies and tools such as JavaScript, CSS, and Html5, and then it is executed within a native shell.

The hybrid development technique produces apps with a standard online application speed and the user experience of any form of the native mobile app. Notably, using a single code base allows the cross-platform deployment, decreasing costs compared to native programs—finally, hybrid apps with hardware-dependent functionality access native platform libraries and device hardware components. If you are looking to build up your hybrid app, then try to find out the best custom mobile application development company.

Advantages of Hybrid Development Approach 

– Single development team

– Short time to market

– Ability to work on and offline

– The easy portability of code

– Capable use of hardware components

– Lower cost of development

– Same user experience as a native mobile app

Rapid Mobile App Development

Rapid Mobile App Development is a method for quickly developing cross-platform applications. It entails creating simple apps for various business solutions using code-free or low-code development technologies.

To begin, this methodology is quite comparable to rapid application development methodologies based on minimal panning, initial prototype, recyclable software components, and the adaptive process.

Rapid mobile developers describe application functions and features on the frontend while the backend transforms the specs into code. The frontend in this situation relies on metadata to function. This is accomplished effectively by summarising critical information about an application’s functions, such as asset managers or user interface elements, in a database.

Advantages of RMAD Approach

– Little investment ratio to ROI

– Low complexity in the development process

– Developers require little or no experience

– Reusable code base

– It fits multiple projects types

– Low-code/no-code development

Progressive Web App Development

The Progressive Web App development technique is the last but not most minor form of a development approach that we must overlook. The use of HTML is essential in this scenario.

Although PWAs are not mobile apps, they resemble native apps in design and functionality. They are online apps designed specifically for mobile users, featuring a flexible and user-friendly interface.

A user is under no obligation to download the generated application from an app store. Progressive web apps work without a browser and can be installed on any mobile or desktop device’s home screen. The beauty of this is that they’ve been designed to be responsive and connect independently. However, with their browser tucked away, they have the disadvantages of being limited in implementation as you need browser vendor APIs to access the mobile hardware features.

Advantages of Progressive Web Apps 

– Easy app maintenance

– You don’t need an app store to host or download

– Works on and offline

– The use of a single codebase

– Mobile-friendly UI

 Bottom Line

Having considered the different types of mobile development approaches, their main features, and benefits, it is true that every system is other, and so will be the concluding app. However, for you as a project owner, it should be in your best interest to define the purpose of your mobile application following the exact requirements of your target audience. This will help you estimate the project timeline the financial and technical resources required, right after which you will be capable of choosing the most favorable development approach to follow.

Each application is unique in its way. Therefore, the native development strategy is highly recommended if your objective and ambition are to create a long-term project, a responsive app with a superior quality user experience, smooth performance, and trustworthy security. On the other hand, if you’re searching for a compromise in terms of cash or development time, the cross-platform strategy is a viable option.

At  Qservices, we build top-notch mobile apps for our clients, covering a massive range of business requirements and purposes. We are a reliable native mobile app development company to deliver as a trusted IT consulting, mobile, and web development vendor.

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