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GovWins is an all-inclusive software solution that simplifies government contract complexities. It offers an easy-to-use platform that guides businesses through the contracting process. With a user-friendly interface and advanced tracking tools, it helps businesses uncover lucrative opportunities and stay updated on the latest government contracts, which helps them make informed decisions.


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Client Requirements

GovWins, a company that specialises in providing solutions for government contracts. Finding the correct bids and opportunities required them to comb through a lot of sources. Because of the excessive amount of useless email in their inboxes, they frequently miss out on valuable opportunities. Even the frequent searches they made couldn’t be saved. The difficulties didn’t end there; they also had to contend with low exposure, high costs, and a subpar method of managing users and search results.

So, when they came to us with their issues, we were able to identify their unique needs, and they received what they wanted from a terrific web application that we developed for them.

Showcase of Implemented Features

Simplified Access to Information
We designed and developed a user-friendly web application called GovWins that provides clear and concise details about Go Wins' array of services and various subscription plans. The information is presented in an organized and easy-to-understand manner, ensuring that users can quickly grasp the available options.
Effortless User Onboarding
To ensure a smooth onboarding process on it, we integrated a simple and intuitive user registration and login system within the web application. Different user roles were strategically implemented, catering to different levels of access and engagement.
Customized Saved Searches
Within the GovWins web application, we developed a sophisticated platform that empowers its users to create and save searches based on their unique preferences. This feature involves advanced search algorithms and user-friendly interfaces. Users can input specific parameters like location or type, ensuring they receive search results that align precisely with their requirements.
Flexible Subscription Choices
In the GovWins web application, we put in place a subscription management system that gives users a selection of both free and premium programmes. Users of the system can change plans or upgrade or downgrade as necessary thanks to a simple user interface.
Safe and Secure Transactions
Within the web application, we ensured safe and secure payment transactions by integrating Stripe, a reputable payment gateway. This ensures that all payment transactions on the platform are secure and compliant with industry standards. Users can confidently make payments for subscription upgrades or other services without worrying about data breaches or fraudulent activities.
Effortless Admin Control
Behind the scenes of this web application, we established a comprehensive admin panel that empowers GovWins' administrators to efficiently manage users, content, and search results. Different administrative roles were defined to grant varying levels of control and access.
Facility for Password Change
Within the web application, we added a safe "Change Password" function. Users can simply update their passwords with this function, which improves account security and management. Users can actively manage their accounts and protect their privacy, which makes the experience more seamless and safer.

Challenges We Faced

Dynamic Data Navigation

Using clever indexing and search techniques to navigate dynamic databases in order to retrieve information quickly. 

Rapid Response & Accuracy

Advanced algorithms balance speed and accuracy to provide quick search results without sacrificing accuracy. 

Punctual Email Notifications

Creating complex email alert systems with rigorous scheduling methods for timely bid updates. 

Smooth Payment Fusion

Integrating external payment systems like Stripe without a hitch thanks to a thorough understanding of security protocols and APIs. 

Customized Access Management

By customising granular user access controls to subscription plans, security and user experience are improved.

Strengthened Security Defenses

Enhancing security to secure sensitive data and information through encryption, access controls, and best practises.

Project Journey

Planning Phase

In the Planning Phase, we started by gathering requirements from GovWins, understanding their needs for search capabilities, user roles, and subscriptions. We converted these into user stories, creating a clear roadmap for development. The high-level architecture and technology stack were designed to ensure a solid foundation. We set up project management tools, like Azure DevOps, to keep everything organized. 

Build Phase

The Build Phase was all about turning plans into reality. In Sprint 1, we focused on user registration, login, and profiles to create a smooth onboarding experience. Sprint 2 brought search screens and parameters to life, allowing users to tailor their searches. Sprint 3 introduced automated email alerts for relevant bid updates, ensuring timely notifications. Sprint 4 handled subscription plans and secure payments using Stripe. Sprint 5 made search results more informative while disabling unnecessary links. Sprint 6 finalized with the creation of an admin panel for user, search, and content management. Additional sprints added features like billing history and CMS integration. 

Testing phase

Testing Phase played a critical role in ensuring a flawless experience. We tested individual components, APIs, and the integration of frontend, backend, and database. Load testing validated the application’s performance, and manual end-to-end testing ensured smooth user workflows. Bugs and issues were meticulously addressed. 

Release Phase

As the Release Phase arrived, we executed a final round of regression testing and deployed updated code to the staging environment. User acceptance testing and feedback incorporation fine-tuned the application. Load tests helped optimize site performance, and after ensuring everything was ready, we confidently deployed to production and monitored its health. 

Tech Stack

We used special tools and software to build the GovWins Web Application, making sure everything worked well together. Here’s what we used: 




QServices' Web App Facilitates Impressive 30% Reduction in GovWins' Subscription Costs.

Partner with Our Experts to Craft the Next-Gen Future of Web Applications.


The GovWins web application had a significant impact. It made things much easier for clients, saving them 80% of the time they used to spend searching for bids. They found twice as many relevant bids, and they also saved money by spending 30% less on subscriptions. The app helped them work better together and see all bids in one place. 

  Users loved it too. They saved 5–10 hours each week on bid searches and won 25% more bids because they could find the right ones. The app showed the best bids, which helped them decide quickly. 





Reduced Time Spent Searching (%)


5-10 hours per week

60% engineering effort

Increased Relevant Bids Identified


25% higher bid success rate 

Increased Relevant Bids Identified

Lowered Spending on Subscriptions (%)


Low churn (< 5%)

Cleared Doubts: FAQs

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GovWins is an all-inclusive software solution that simplifies government contract complexities. It offers an easy-to-use platform that guides businesses through the contracting…

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