Does Ecommerce App Development Services Benefit for Small Businesses?

ecommerce mobile app development
Why does your Online Store need a mobile e-commerce app?

Have you ever imagined how far you can stretch your eCommerce business? You may be thinking your e-commerce has only a limited audience. It’s because you are assuming the possibilities from your point of view. Let’s see from the point of view of eCommerce App Development companies. For them, the sky has no limit; similarly, the e-commerce app can provide you with a service you never imagined. Customers often shop online—no matter where or under what circumstances they buy your product. In the end, what really matters is selling and growing your product. And that’s the reason you are on our blog. You are not alone; this statement is true for all industries worldwide. An e-commerce app lets your product reach those consumers who need it- your TARGET AUDIENCE. The eCommerce App Development Services in Toronto and Brampton has enabled many small e-commerce companies to reach their target audience anytime, anywhere, from almost any device. But the kind of devices and your brand availability significantly impact the business success.

How can businesses take advantage of mobile apps and implement them for eCommerce sales?

The answer is easy: eCommerce businesses require a mobile app. If you plan to boost your brand and want to reach the customer base while increasing sales, a mobile app for an online store is one of the best options. Here are the following seven facts which will show you the true face of the eCommerce mobile app-

  1. In 2040, it’s predicted that 95% of all purchases will be through eCommerce. And without a mobile app, your brand seems complicated to reach the targeted audience (Nasdaq).
  2. In 2017, Amazon was the fastest on click retail and accounted for 44% of all US eCommerce sales. And this one-click option is also offered by the e-commerce mobile app. (CNBC)

  3. E-commerce mobile apps have the options to share the products with their friends and close ones. Thus, 55% of online shoppers tell friends and family when satisfied or dissatisfied with a product or company. (UPS)

  4. 93.5% of global internet users have purchased products online. (OptinMonster)

  5. 76% of mobile users prefer to go to a nearby store only on holiday. So, now you can assume that people mostly use apps for shopping from Monday to Friday. (GeoMarketing)

  6. 68% of small offline businesses don’t have a structured conversion rate optimization strategy. (State of Conversion Optimization Report)

  7. Mobile app shopping beat $2 billion for the first time in 2017. (Practical eCommerce)

If the above facts don’t convince you, you may still wonder how e-commerce apps can benefit you? Do my customers also prefer shopping on their mobile devices? And if so, how can the e-commerce App Development companies in Brampton and Toronto help me? Below we’ll answer all your questions and more.

CAB: Build trust between Customers & Brand

What’s up with e-commerce business owners!

Have you finally thought of being part of a mobile app for your online store?

You have heard of many brand awareness strategies like social media campaigns, google ads, and many more. Don’t worry. This section will not tell you about the online campaign process. eCommerce mobile apps are the number one brand awareness strategy in today’s market that can benefit your online store. It helps to increase your

  • Familiarity and appeal

  • Various product – category wise

  • Feedback option with just one click

  • Instant notification on mobile through the app

All these points build trust in the customer that puts your brand image in the customer’s mind during the buying decision. So now, if you are new to eCommerce apps and want to build a brand’s image beyond visuals, use a psychological strategy.

That’s why the mobile app asks new users about their interests and hobbies so that they can send notifications according to their interests. It’s how it gives direction to your brand recognition by the targeted audience.

Raising brand awareness of online stores through eCommerce mobile apps is the task of turning the cold audience into a warm audience. It’s an essential and most challenging task in the whole spectrum of branding. And to convert a cold audience to a warm audience, transparency plays an important role.

Provide transparency with the customer

If the targeted audience find it easy to shop via your mobile app, they will return to it again in the near future. Therefore, the best strategy for branding is to launch a separate mobile app with the help of an eCommerce App Development company in Brampton with different products so online customers can find it easy to search. In this way, a company can get loyal customers with transparency who will shop from your online store repeatedly. It will also help the company sustain their customers rather than receive customers all the time. That is why a mobile app is much more acceptable to an e-commerce business than a simple website of e-commerce platforms.

– Usually, customers find it easy to explore your brand products if you have your separate eCommerce mobile apps.

No hush hush n rush rush: Help to save Customers Valuable time

Most of the time, low-loading website pages and server timeouts are enough to frustrate anyone. Especially in the digital world, life is probably like a hush hush n rush rush hustle and makes us expect instant gratification. However, the loading time of an eCommerce mobile app seems lower than that of website pages on mobile. The users find a time-saving platform because many of the app’s necessary data is stored on the mobile.

Reduction in Cart Abandonment:

Shopping carts are one of the biggest hustles that most commerce stores face. It’s not hard to convince your target audience to add an item to their cart unless your content is attractive but also completing the sale. Mobile app users usually abandon their shopping carts, partially thus simplifying the process.

Thus, quickly accessed by the operating system. Yes, we know that apps are connected to the same server as your website. Although the amount of data that needs to be transferred is loaded, the server is 10x less when using a mobile app.

Let your e-commerce mobile app content handle your customer

How does Personalization help your brand to shine?

Ecommerce App Development Services can help you build an app with your eCommerce store’s brand name, giving your product a new opportunity to personalize your customer experience and reach your target audience. Analytic statistics on mobile apps are robust.

  1. It allows you to track your individual customers’ interest in purchasing your product.
  2. Also, the daily browsing habits of customers help mobile apps send notifications and offers without letting them click on the products.
  3. Ecommerce mobile apps use analytic data to personalize the in-app experience for your brand marketing outreach.
  4. You can personalize your marketing campaigns by tracking each customer’s favorite purchasing list.
  5. You can also try this- instead of running a campaign, your eCommerce mobile app can give a 20 percent discount on your most popular products.

Imagine giving an offer to each customer with 20 percent on their most purchased product; won’t it affect your branding?

Of course, if each customer gets a unique sale offering on their weekly or monthly purchasing product, it will help maximize your sales’ efficacy and ROI. Personalization by an Ecommerce App Development Company in Brampton can be one of the most powerful advantages of a mobile app for eCommerce.


The benefits of eCommerce mobile apps for small businesses are real—but the truth is, the advantage does not apply to all companies equally.

So, ultimately, you should first know where your audience is available. Then, decide whether building a mobile app makes sense for your brand.

If customer research takes time, you can get help from an QServices Inc. It’s a well-known eCommerce App Development company in Brampton and Toronto. We can help you know your mobile app before heading into the design phase. Also, it can save you money before investing in it.

But if you are looking for healthy monthly recurring revenue, a mobile app can be the ideal way to launch your product on it.

Building a well-designed eCommerce mobile app can unlock the hidden revenue within your target audience, build brand loyalty, and attract more customers to your business by improving the mobile experience.

For the initial stage and for initial investment it could be the key to unlocking your business growth potential and scaling your eCommerce store into a growing digital empire. Let’s dive in together – Your Dream our Innovation. QServices- Innovation, it all starts here!

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