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Recently the craze for developing a mobile application has been increasing rapidly. In this 21st century, we have already seen lots of technological advancements. Varieties of smartphones are now available in the market, which is why every business wants to develop an application for their business from Xamarin Mobile App development in Florida. People prefer developing applications rather than websites. We all know different platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows are available.

 So, it’s the biggest trouble for the app developer to create 3 different applications for each platform. But, the real struggle starts when the developers have to write the same logic in other languages for different platforms. So, is it possible to write the same code which works on 3 different platforms? Is there any technology that can turn out this dream into reality? Yes, Xamarin is the ultimate solution to all your questions.

Writing codes that can work for the different platforms is bliss. Developing mobile applications will become easier when the developers introduce Xamarin. However, when building cross-platform mobile applications, we think about the difficulties of maintaining, ease of testing, and poor user experience. 

If you are a developer of Xamarin mobile app development in Florida, it’s been a dream for you to write a single code for multiple platforms, but now it is possible with the help of Xamarin! If you are a developer, you have already gone through the native SDK application development process. But in this article, we will let you introduce Xamarin!

In this article, you will learn about the process of using Xamarin and how to share codes through multiple platforms. So now there is no need to compromise with writing bulky codes, and let’s check what it is and how it works.

About Xamarin- The advanced way to build a cross-platform application

Xamarin is the advanced development platform that allows you to write easily accessible codes for cross-platform app development. It also helps to build the native application for different platforms such as iOS, Windows, and Android Phones. This software offers C# bindings that help to build the native Android and iOS APIs. The interface is easy to catch and loaded with the native user interface, graphics, notifications, animation, and other features. 

This is the newest release that has all the advanced features of data types, garbage collection, generics, language-integrated queries, delegates, and asynchronous programming patterns. However, to write the code in Xamarin for cross-platform applications, the developers have to pick any one project. These projects are either Portable Class Library or Shared Project. 

When the developer chooses PCL, this platform allows writing the codes which can be shared among multiple platforms. But there is one limitation it can’t be run on a different platform. But when you choose Xamarin.form for creating native mobile apps, the developer has all the rights and access to use them on different platforms. 

So, here it is all clear why every developer prefers Xamarin.Forms platform. But the question is what exactly Xamarin.form is and how the developers use this for creating the cross Cross-Platform Mobile Apps. 

Understanding the Xamarin Mobile Platform

The Xamarin mobile platform consists of multiple elements which allow the developers to develop the application for Android and iOS.

C# language: This language allows for adding familiar syntax features such as LINQ, Generics, and Parallel Task Library.

Compiler: The compiler allows the production of native applications for the platforms like iOS or for.NET applications. The compiler performs multiple optimizations for mobile deployment.

Mono .NET framework: This framework offers a cross-platform implementation of the extensive features for.NET framework.

IDE Tools: This is the visual studio of Mac and Windows that allows to create, develop and deploy Xamarin projects.

Because the underlying language is C#, the same share code will work and can be easily deployed to Windows Phone. Xamarin allows you to write codes in C and share the same code for multiple platforms. 

The working process of Xamarin:
  • The commercial products are available in Xamarin.IOS: Xamarin.Android.
  • Both the products are developed on mono, the open source. Net platform that is completely based on the ECMA standard. 
  • Mono can run on all the possible platforms, that includes Unix, Linux, macOS, and FreeBSD.
  • The platform converts the Android and iOS SD to C# to make the users or developers could become acquainted.
  • The best thing about this platform is that the developer can build the application without learning the complexities of constantly learning syntactic languages. You can use a similar codebase for both frameworks.
  • The user interface can be developed through the original native approach or with Xamarin.forms. The Xamarin platform renders the user interface for different platforms
The popularity of the Xamarin Mobile Platform

As per the statistics, almost all of us spend 92 percent of our time on smartphone apps. It is tough to consider this number if you talk about mobile app downloads. Today every enterprise has understood the necessity of developing a mobile application for users. The enterprises currently prefer to solve issues through mobile phones. However, most mobile applications fail due to basic errors like speed and quality, which is why the developers introduce Xamarin, which changes the development process. 

This platform helps the developers by minimizing their pressure. Recently almost more than 1.6 million developers have been using this platform. Almost more than 120 countries of developers use this technology, which is why it has become the top choice platform for every company. No matter what the industry is, it works ultimately, and in a further section, we will give you some examples.

Currently, Xamarin is not only used for developing cross-platform mobile applications, but it is also making its contribution to testing and debugging the products. This platform has become one of the biggest Microsoft Visual Studio App Centers that gives access to the developers to run their applications on over 2,000 devices. 

Even the .net developers use this platform to find and debug the issues. Recently this platform is also added or merged with Microsoft’s testing platform. This platform holds multiple features and plays a powerful role in developing applications. In the below section, we have highlighted a few points that prove why it has become popular.

What makes the Xamarin platform best for developing application

Xamarin is the best cross-platform development application that gives the ability to develop a cross-platform mobile application. This platform has become the most emerging platform in the app development industry. Anyone can build a super-fast user-friendly mobile application using Microsoft, C programming, and the .net framework. Over 80% of users choose xamarin for developing their applications.

 Do you own a business and looking for a xamarin-certified mobile developer in Brampton? Undoubtedly, this is the best platform that offers high accessibility to the users. Furthermore, this open source .net platform allows users to download and install this without licensing costs. This is a potent application, but there are some more reasons which we curated in the below points. The below-described points make Xamarin unique from any other platform:

Write one time & use it multiple times: This platform works in the c programming language, the most basic language in the world. The fresher developers have an idea about the C code. So, it is convenient for the developers to write one source code that works on 3 different platforms. This platform uses the web browser or web-view concept for creating an application. Once the developer writes the code, this platform performs all the other platforms. We all know that C is the robust programming language embedded into the .Net frameworks. The xamarin platform has various versions, including LINQ, Lambdas, etc. The pro feature of the Xamarin platform is the logical algorithm. In this platform, the developer can use the same code for various platforms, making this platform a native platform.

Code share simplification: Another reason most organizations adopt this platform is the simplification of cross-platform UI design. This platform allows 90% of the code sharability. It creates a pike in the shared code up to 90%. It allows adding the UI code and design to any other mobile platform which is similarly native to the operating system. The developers can build a solid user interface through this. Well, if an organization uses to add more additional functionalities, they can use Xamarin native. This platform offers effective roles. Using the same code across multiple platforms also works best because you don’t need to debug the errors 3 different times. You can debug the error in a single time and fix them up. Ultimately it results in saving time and efforts pf the developers. The developers consider this platform a faster app development platform with high-quality outcomes.

Easy app testing: The Xamarin.forms allow developers to write the codes for all the platforms. The developers can build many applications using the xamarin app development platform. It reduces the rapid process of testing and debugging. Most of the applications build on this platform are error-free. No developer needs to go through any hassle of making the source code error-free. It also allows to record the user interactions and generates the test cases. This platform allows efficient ways of UI application testing.

Low cost in development: When you own a business, you always look for platforms where you can make your task at a lower cost. When it comes to the xamarin platform, the development cost is low. Well, it completely depends upon the organization; they can increase and decrease the cost of development based on the features they want to add. To develop an app on Xamarin, the developer should have a good command of the C and .Net frameworks. Well, some scenario involves device-specific requirements that ultimately add complexity. 

Flexible integration: Xamarin, also known as cross-platform app development, gives the ability to develop an application with flexible integration. The xamarin platform offers multiple programming languages based on the specific application. The user can add new features when the enterprise develops the application with flexible integration. The xamarin test cloud allows developers to automatically test their source code for mobile applications on multiple devices.

Safe & secure option: The applications built on Xamarin are safe and secure. This platform is built or hosted in various elements like the cloud. It comes with HTTP security certificates that ensure a secure connection between the cloud data and the applications. Therefore, it takes minimal time to build an application on xamarin.

Easy to maintain: You can easily maintain and update the application on the xamarin platform. The best thing about this platform is that when you change the source file, the change will automatically occur in all other apps. There is no need to make separate changes for every platform. Through xamarin insight, enterprises can grab real-time information regarding their application. The platform has the best community expert who works to enhance the user experience and analyze the performance. This platform offers a safer and more secure environment for developing applications. Various pages and supporting forums help developers if they have any complexities.

Overall we can say that the demand for the xamarin platform is increased because of the accessibility to the multiple mobile app platforms.  

Technical Features of Xamarin, which ranked it
  • Xamarin supports smart applications like Android Wear & apple watch.
  • The indexing software may search the results for the software, which the users can normally overlook.
  • Xamarin offers platform-specific plugins; the biggest example is Google Play billing support.
  • It gives native API access, which includes the iBeacon and Android Fragments.
  • This platform allows 100% of the code across all mobile dev platforms.
  • It allows the developers to add components directly from the IDE to the Xamarin Component Store.
  • The app integrates the backend Parse, Microsoft Azure, and SAP.
Xamarin- An old application with the newly added integration

We have already discussed that updating an application with the added new integration requires too much effort. If no developer has ideas on the documentation and the source code, the best thing is to migrate the old application to the new one. Unfortunately, when it comes to the migration of an application, it means writing source code from scratch.

 Well, it takes so much time, and in between that time, the project documentation becomes obsolete. No supports and specialties are left for porting the old application into the new one. The main requirement for developing an application is the app development task within tight deadlines. It needs ease of support and scalability for future improvement. 

To get an optimal solution to all these problems, the Xamarin platform was developed. Well, every platform has certain advantages and disadvantages, right? So, here we mentioned a few drawbacks of the Xamarian platform!

Drawbacks of the Xamarin platform  

We have already discussed the pros of xamarin, and now we are here to discover the drawbacks.

The source codes are written in; the larger sizes affect the download speed of the application. It takes a lot amount of disk space in your device. When the app takes time to download, there is an increased chance that people will leave the application without downloading it.

It delays the latest version of Android and iOS. No doubt it saves time for the users, but at the same time, it takes more time for upgrades and updates. In addition, the end users need permission from the administrator for the download and installation.

The community of xamarin community was discovered by young skilled people. Well, there are so many tutorials available on the official sites. But still, it is tough to find a Xamarin expert in the market.

The xamarin UI code is platform-specific, so it isn’t easy to use this for creating complex animations and games.


Most enterprises and developers prefer to develop an application on xamarin because of the uncountable technical specialties. It minimizes the time and efforts of the developers with reduced costs. This platform offers the ability to build MVP applications quickly at a minimal cost. Ultimately this is the best platform that Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer in USA chooses to define the viability of the application.

After this platform has introduced, the amount of shared code and high system dependencies has reduced. Xamarin is the native high-quality app development tool popular among the 2 million developers. Some best applications designed and developed in xamarin platforms are Oro, MRW, CA mobile, The World Bank, and the Captio. In the future, you will experience advanced updates and improvements.

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