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Manage your community through interactive AI solutions of B.one. The software is specially focused on what matters to your community. As a result, the software is ready to integrate, collaborate, and automate with your community.  It the use of technology to integrate various systems and devices to achieve seamless communication and information exchange, leading to improved productivity, collaboration, data management, and agility.

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About us

B.one is built for the understanding of your community, and it’s made for minimizing the extra efforts which were done to overcome the problem that occurred in day-to-day lifestyle. It’s a comprehensive API and tools and cooperative data for networking operations, indoor climate monitoring, motion detection, parking monitoring, etc.

B.one community is the playground for everyone new to the topic of LoT, and it would like to try it out. At the same time, LoT professionals will find the building blocks here to grow and implement the use cases themselves and exchange the information with others.


How do we plan to make such software? 

B.one is a thought and process to provide convenience in day-to-day activities. It is a technical foundation of all the solutions based upon modern open procedures from both the LoT and control of the environment. It will combine such with the most current digital platforms and has a wide range of interfaces and interactions with other systems. 

Capabilities of B.one: 

  • Ability to easily navigate through the app. 
  • Discoverability, i.e., efficient ways to locate products with as little effort as possible. 
  • Clean visuals and concise copy for clear visual communication. 
  • Seamless checkout to avoid drop-offs. 
  • Conveying good intent and continued support during and after the purchase to establish trust for user retention. 

Things for Consideration


The mobile app plays critical role for promoting the brand. Most of the business seekers help from the mobile app development company.


The obvious challenges which are faced by app developers are the best and appropriate development technology!

Using Different

When it comes to designing an app OS your developers faced obvious challenges by the app developers are the best and right development technology!

Case study Bone

Mobile app developers need to find all the loopholes and ensure that the application is safe and secure from any malware or viruses.

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What Objectives to Keep in Mind?

To start off with, I made a list of clear objectives that I wanted to achieve for this project, as listed below- 

  • Ability to easily navigate through the app. 
  • Discoverability i.e. efficient ways to locate products with as little effort as possible. 
  • Clean visuals and concise copy for clear visual communication. 
  • Seamless checkout to avoid drop-offs. 
  • Conveying good intent and continued support during and after the purchase to establish trust for user retention. 

I determined to go for a highly subtle, clean, and refined look for the app keeping the general baking aesthetic in mind. And so, I tried to maintain a pastel colour palette consistent throughout. 

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Cleared Doubts: FAQs

QServices is responsible for providing overall confidentiality as our developers assign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) which plays a crucial role in various corporate. 

Team of experts used Agile and Scrum methodology for all sizes for their ability to provide high-end collaboration and efficiency for project-based work. Agile and scrum are two different methods that can be used separately.  

Yes, we’re a good fit for any challenging project because we have all the qualities you are looking for. Experience is the golden factor while dealing with challenges in a project where we find ourselves a perfect fit.  

Yes, we are always behind your back 24/7 and always ready to provide support, maintenance, and upgrading, depending on the services you acquire.  

On average, hiring an offshore software development team takes approximately 12 to 15 hours to compile necessary documentation.  

Communicating effectively is perhaps the most crucial part of mutual understanding. A team of QServices usually uses MS team, Skype, etc. Also, we’re ready to adopt any other communication platforms according to your preference. 

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