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The project centres around an innovative mobile networking application known as “Ask Around” that seamlessly connects users with local service providers and sellers. Comprising two distinct applications: customers/users and sellers. Users can ask about products and services, chat with sellers, and get tailored suggestions. Sellers can join, reply to queries, and display their offerings. The app makes local buying and selling smooth, connecting people and enabling easy deals. 


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Client Requirements

For customers

Our client wanted a user-friendly mobile app that would bridge the gap between local service providers and customers, addressing the challenges faced by both sides. For users, the goal was to enable effortless sign-up with phone numbers, easy query submission, and direct communication with sellers. The app should empower users to mark tasks as completed, provide feedback, and explore nearby sellers through stories and deals. 

For Sellers

Conversely, sellers had distinct requirements: a simplified platform to facilitate interactions with potential customers. They needed straightforward sign-up, profile creation, and a platform to showcase their offerings. The app should seamlessly present incoming user queries, facilitate tailored offers, and ensure smooth customer communication. Sellers also sought features like boosted story visibility, performance insights, and timely notifications for better engagement. 

Integrated Features

For Customer Application

1. Easy Sign-up and Login

Users can swiftly join the platform using their mobile number, granting them swift access to a wide array of local services and offerings. 

2. Ask for What You Need

Users can effortlessly post queries for the products or services they require, initiating interactions with sellers. 

3. See Offers from Sellers

Upon posting queries, users can view and respond to offers from sellers, ensuring they find the most suitable options. 

4. Chat Effortlessly

Users can engage in seamless and real-time conversations with sellers, discussing their needs and preferences. 

5. Rate and Review

After making purchases, users have the ability to rate and review sellers, sharing their experiences and insights with others.

6. Connect Directly

By following sellers, users can directly message them, fostering personalized and direct communication. 

For Sellers Application

1. Effortless Registration and Profile Setup

Sellers can easily register on the platform and set up their profiles, showcasing their offerings and business details. 

2. Finalize Deals through Chat

Sellers can engage in direct conversations with users to discuss details, negotiate terms, and finalize deals. 

3. Personalized Offers

Sellers have the flexibility to send personalized offers to users in response to their queries, enhancing the likelihood of successful deals. 

4. Showcase Stories and Products

Sellers can enrich their profiles by sharing engaging stories and showcasing their products or services, capturing users’ attention. 

5. Stay Updated with Notifications

Sellers receive in-app notifications for new queries, messages, and other activities, ensuring timely responses. 

6. Follower and Subscriber Metrics

Sellers can gauge their popularity and engagement by tracking metrics related to followers and subscribers. 

Challenges We Faced

Technical Integration and Performance

Using clever indexing and search techniques to navigate dynamic databases in order to retrieve information quickly. 

User Experience and Quality Assurance

Advanced algorithms balance speed and accuracy to provide quick search results without sacrificing accuracy. 

Business Strategy and Growth

Creating complex email alert systems with rigorous scheduling methods for timely bid updates. 

Innovation and Differentiation

Integrating external payment systems like Stripe without a hitch thanks to a thorough understanding of security protocols and APIs. 

Project Journey

Planning Phase

In the beginning, we gathered the requirements from our client, understanding the key functionalities they envisioned. To capture the essence of user interactions, we created detailed user stories, laying out the essential steps that users would take within the app. These stories allowed us to craft a clear product roadmap, highlighting the order in which features would be developed. Moreover, we established a high-level architecture for the app’s backend, ensuring a solid foundation for its functionality and integrations. 

Build Phase

With a comprehensive plan in place, we delved into the development process. We carefully implemented the registration flows for both users and sellers, streamlining the onboarding experience. To facilitate user queries, we created a system that generated location-based queries and distributed them accordingly. The chat messaging functionality was designed to enable smooth communication between users and sellers, supporting the finalisation of deals. We also focused on building seller profiles and story features. Furthermore, we seamlessly integrated payment systems for boosted stories, enhancing their reach and impact. As part of this phase, we developed an admin dashboard that allowed us to effectively moderate content and ensure a positive user experience. 

Testing phase

Thorough testing was a pivotal stage in our approach. We carefully conducted unit and integration testing for the backend APIs, verifying that they functioned seamlessly. Through end-to-end testing, we validated the core user workflows to ensure they were intuitive and free of any glitches. To ensure user friendliness, we conducted usability testing on key app interfaces to ensure that users could navigate the app effortlessly. If any bugs or performance issues emerged during testing, we promptly addressed and resolved them, ensuring a polished final product. 

Release Phase

In the final stretch, we focused on the app’s release readiness. We conducted a comprehensive round of exploratory and regression testing, thoroughly assessing the app’s functionality from different angles. Once we were satisfied with its stability, we initiated the app store release process and ensured that all necessary approvals were obtained, and the app was aligned with platform guidelines. 

Tech Stack

We used special tools and software to build the GovWins Web Application, making sure everything worked well together. Here’s what we used: 


React JS



Technical Solutions

We used advanced location tools and smart algorithms to ensure seamless user experiences. Cloud services optimized image storage and delivery, while encryption kept user data secure. Real-time updates were managed through WebSocket and Push Notifications. Rigorous testing caught bugs and glitches.

Product Solutions

User feedback and testing improved user flows. Community guidelines and moderation maintained a positive environment. We designed trust-building seller profiles. UX principles guided interface design. Engagement metrics influenced decision-making, and anti-spam measures protected the experience.

Business Solutions

We strategically built a two-sided marketplace for network effects. Subscription models and premium features generated revenue. User onboarding was streamlined, targeting specific communities. Funding was secured with demonstrated traction.


The project’s outcomes have been truly remarkable. It led to strengthened connections and tailored solutions for users, resulting in improved customer interactions and business expansion for sellers. With a surge in user engagement and transaction volumes, the platform contributed to local economic growth. This achievement underscores the project’s ability to overcome obstacles and create a significant positive effect on individuals and communities alike. 

Results for Users

Results for Sellers

Results for the Product

Societal Impact

Increased successful connections

2x increase in customer acquisition 

Over 100,000 active users within a year 

Over 100,000 active users within a year 

Cost savings compared to alternative

30-40% increase in projects/revenue 

Facilitated $5M+ in transactions 

Enhanced Transparency and Accountability 

More relevant sellers contacted

60% reduction in unqualified leads 

Reduced reporting issues by 90% 

Increased Economic Opportunities 

High satisfaction with matched sellers

Enhanced credibility and repeat business 

Successful monetization through subscriptions 

Building Stronger Communities 

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