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Speedo is a food and grocery minimal and clean app with “Admin Panel” and “Food Driver App”. a food and grocery delivery app and web panel for delivering hassle-free on-demand meals and groceries.   
  • Interactive dashboard 
  • Restaurant category 
  • Grocery shop 

About us

You might have been confused to choose a relevant solution for these issues. So, stop wasting time researching here and there! Here’s a one-stop solution for all problems. We’re keen to introduce Speedo, a food and grocery delivery app and web panel for delivering hassle-free on-demand meals and groceries.

The source code of Speedo is ready for trading and setting up right away on your device. After that, you will have owned the source code and can manually add shop/Menu Items/Staff/Prices/etc. We would be love to have you as a customer. There’s no other hidden cost involvement after payment is done by your end.  Here’re some highlighted features of Speedo which will definitely make up your mind!


Why Speedo is Best for You?

You may have faced lots of day-to-day challenges while running on-demand food and grocery delivery outlets, and there’s no other alternative to use high-chargeable applications and web panels, but still, you feel hesitant.

We’re sure that Speedo has covered all of your necessary aspects which would help you in overcoming daily issues. Start your day with Speedo and get the opportunity to have success in your existing business. 

Power-Packed Features

Manage Deliveries
at One Place

Bird's eye dashboard to manage and track everything in a single window panel.

Auto Pickup &
Delivery Dispatch

Automate your delivery dispatch to the nearest and free delivery agent.

Agent Tracking

Delivery agents can be tracked live on an interactive map with their progress updates.

Case study Bone
Ratings &

Allow customers to rate their delivery experience and gain service feedback.

Cloud Check In


Perhaps the most famous sector for on-demand apps is Food & Beverage. On-Demand Apps for food help us have our favorite meal at our doorsteps with a few clicks. 

This sector is booming with numerous On-Demand food delivery apps, and you can be a part of it. We built this app for current issues faced by some restaurant owners. For example, people cannot go out and are forced to stay home amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and they order food and groceries from on-demand food and grocery delivery apps. Examples of on-demand food and grocery delivery apps such as Speedo. 

QServices Inc. enhance lots of businesses like Speedo and help them in providing more profits.


We provide outsourced IT services for small and large-scale businesses

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Mobile app development helps businesses attract users, thus allowing the companies to generate new sales. In addition, mobile app users with an attractive interface are inclined to attract more users to your business. 

Speedo helps in many ways; it helps restaurant owners to track hassle-free deliveries. It is a pre-coded app and web panel which can easily be installed on your devices for processing. 

Separate web panel, user-friendly user interface, no other margins, complete payouts, etc. 

We strongly suggest avoiding changes in the code. If the code is modified, our team will not be able to support you from the back-end. Furthermore, if the script is further modified by your end, you will not be able to take advantage of added features. 

We can customize your app according to your demand by designing, adding, or removing any feature. Our back-end team and project managers will support you till you are satisfied with your end product. 

With our Speedo clone app, you can create your delivery trade which brings all your nearby restaurants together on a single platform to cater to your needs. With some great features like restaurant dashboards, many items, payment options, and so on, Contact us today to develop apps like Zomato and UberEat.

Speedo provides customer login options with multiple channels by providing the right way to use the app. This app also helps to explore nearby restaurants by tracking them for quick delivery. Users can view the detailed profile of the restaurants and grocery shops.

Yes, we offer free support for the first 3 to 6 months depending upon the project work. After that, an additional paid support team will guide you. It all depends on the company’s requirements, you can extend specialized support for any amount of time.


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