The Odenza Web Application is designed to simplify vacation offers and enhance guest management. With three distinct user roles – Odenza Admin, Master Admin, and Location Admin – the platform streamlines order placement, guest assignment, and invoice generation. It caters to travel coupon and ticket services, enabling clients to conveniently place orders and reap the benefits of the offers. 


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Client Requirements

The client approached us with the idea that they wanted to make dealing with vacation offers and taking care of guests much simpler. They asked us to create a special website with specific goals. They needed different types of users—Odenza Admin, Master Admin, and Location Admin—each with their own jobs like making orders, giving tasks to guests, and creating invoices. They also wanted a special dashboard for admins to easily see all the orders and quickly create invoices. They wanted to be able to easily find and organize information, like putting orders in the right order based on when and where they happened. To make things even smoother, they asked us to create a system that can automatically make bills, so they don’t have to do it themselves. By putting all these ideas together, we had to make a platform where everything works seamlessly together—orders, tasks for guests, and invoices. This way, clients could easily explore exciting travel deals and enjoy the benefits without any trouble. 

Showcase of Implemented Features

Different User Roles
The website was designed for three separate user roles: Odenza Admin, Master Admin, and Location Admin. Each group is assigned specific activities, such as placing orders, assigning tasks to visitors, and producing invoices.
Task and Order Management
Orders and tasks can be simply given to guests by those in authority. While location admins handle jobs for their own areas, the main admin can email tasks to visitors. This helps everyone stay on task and keeps things organised.
Admin Dashboard
The administrators have their own page. They can rapidly create invoices and examine all of the orders in what resembles a control centre. It is simple to keep track of everything.
Sorting and filtering
The website offers sorting and filtering as a great feature that makes it easier to find items quickly. Depending on when and where they occurred, user can sort and filter the orders. This makes it simple to locate certain information.
Automatic Billing
The website is capable of creating bills on its own. Because the computer does the task, time is saved. Making payments one at a time is not a concern for user.
Simple to use
Anyone may utilise the website thanks to its design. It's not difficult. User can still complete their work with an ease even if they are not an expert in computers.
Flexible Growth
The website is expandable along with the company. It can be managed if there are more individuals in charge. Multiple location admins managed by the primary admin.

Challenges We Faced

Smooth Process Integration

We tackled the challenge of blending Odenza’s unique counting process with our system. This was tricky due to Odenza’s team not being tech-savvy. Our goal was to seamlessly connect their accounting process with our platform. We did this by creating special pathways (APIs) that smoothly exchanged data in real time. 

Uniting Tech and Non-Tech

Bridging the gap between tech experts and non-experts was a significant task. Our aim was to make an Admin Panel that both groups could use comfortably. Balancing simplicity with advanced features was key. We achieved this by putting our design through thorough user testing, resulting in an interface that appealed to both types of users. 

Diverse User-Friendly Design

Designing an interface for diverse tech levels posed challenges. Our mission was to create a user-friendly experience for both tech enthusiasts and newcomers. Continuous feedback enhanced the interface, ensuring a smooth experience for all users.

Instant Data Sync

Enabling real-time data syncing among system parts was complex. Our task was to ensure changes in the Admin Panel or accounting system were instantly visible to all. We accomplished this by setting up swift APIs for accurate information flow.

Project Journey

Planning Phase

We discussed the custom requirements of the client to understand what they wanted for their vacation offers. We made sure we knew how different users would use the app, like those in charge (Master Admins, Location Admins, and Odenza Admins). We planned how everything would work. 

Build Phase

After planning, we started making the different parts of the app. We created a special dashboard for master admins to see orders and keep things organized. Location admins could also see and manage orders. For guests’ orders and bills, we made screens that were simple to use. We also made sure everything worked well with the app’s memory (database). We made paths for different parts of the app to talk to each other. 

Testing phase

Before finishing, we checked everything carefully. We looked at each part by itself to make sure it worked right. Then we put everything together to see if they worked well as a team. We also tested how the whole process went from start to finish to make sure it went smoothly. If we found problems, we fixed them to make things better. 

Release Phase

Once everything was working well and tested, we got ready to share the app with everyone. We looked at it one more time to make sure it was perfect. We fixed any small problems we found and made sure it was safe to use. 

Tech Stack

We used special tools and software to build the GovWins Web Application, making sure everything worked well together. Here’s what we used: 



Database Management

Framework and IDE



The improvements we introduced brought about significant benefits for our clients. Firstly, their processes became automated, meaning that tasks were done by the system itself, reducing the need for manual effort. This not only saved time but also reduced the manpower required. Secondly, the speed of the client servers increased, leading to faster operations and better performance. Thirdly, their data was systematically organized in a structured database, making it easier to manage and retrieve information. Additionally, the company’s reach expanded, enabling them to connect with more people. Importantly, these enhancements led to a substantial increase in the company’s turnover, resulting in higher profits and financial growth. 

Cleared Doubts: FAQs

Hiring offshore developers from QServices will help you save 10% to 15% on expenditures. Use the QServices Price Calculator to determine your approximate cost. 

Effective communication is possibly the most important component of knowing one another. Typically, a QServices team makes use of Microsoft Team, Skype, etc. We are also willing to use any other communication tools that you want. 

Software development outsourcing companies like QServices are well known for their outstanding support and services, including task management, project tracking, dedicated QA, dedicated project managers, free assistance in certain pricing modules, etc. 

Our developers use project management tools like GitHub, DevOps, and we always follow to Agile, Jira development approaches, which will allow clients track the project’s success either directly or indirectly. 

After the hiring is done, there are no additional costs. We’re developing three different engagement models, like;

  1. Hourly pricing model
  2. Fixed Price Model
  3. Dedicated developer pricing mode


When a business hires a third party to provide unique software solutions, the processes of outsourcing and software development are involved. Prior to receiving a team of dedicated developers and a dedicated project manager, you can call us or contact us via email and describe in detail what you need. 

Undoubtedly, the members of our development team speak excellent English.  This makes it simple for you to coordinate with them and conduct any necessary business without difficulty. 

Our team of skilled developers has a combined experience of nearly seven years. They have extensive experience creating such projects using a variety of development methodologies. Because of this, you can rely on. 

In times of need, we provide software maintenance, upgrading services, and upgrades that benefit you and your clients. Use our services to improve the workflow and implementation of your business. 

Indeed, given that we have a group of skilled engineers with broad platform experience, we are the perfect choice for any project. 

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The Odenza Web Application is designed to simplify vacation offers and enhance guest management. With three distinct user roles – Odenza Admin, Master Admin…

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